5 Reasons Some Team Members Resist Project Processes

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It’s one thing to build good project management practices on your project. It’s another thing to effectively implement the processes. If you could issue the plan and everyone followed the processes, your life would be much easier.

However, the process of managing the team is more complicated because of the people element involved. People are unpredictable.

5 Reasons Some Team Members Resist Project Processes

To understand how the project is proceeding and to ensure that it stays on track, controls are needed. You need to ask people how they are doing. You need to control scope. You need to manage risks. You need to keep updated statistics on work completed, in-progress and not started.

Unfortunately, team members do not always respond well to these management and control processes for a number of reasons.

  1. They may think the processes are cumbersome

    Always make sure your project processes are scaled correctly and provide value to the project.

    The project manager needs to validate whether the management processes are light and reasonable, or if they are too burdensome.

    If you are convinced the processes are right-sized, it helps you justify to team members.

  2. They may not feel the project management processes are effective

    This is another area to check. Make sure that the processes and templates are working as desired.

    If a team member can convince you the processes are not working, change them.

    If you are satisfied they are working as planned, you will have the conviction to convince the team member.

  3. They may have a reaction against processes that feel like controls

    This one is harder because there is not always logic behind the team member’s reluctance to follow the process.

    It may be an emotional reaction to change. In this case, you can appeal to the logical side of the team member.

    Worst case, just ask the person to follow the process because you are asking them to – even if they don’t agree.

  4. The processes are not supported by other team members

    If a team member has a tendency to resist change and they see others resisting with no consequences, they may rightly ask why they should be singled out.

    The project management processes need to be followed by everyone. Otherwise the whole process will collapse.

  5. The project manager is not following the procedures, so why should they?

    This one is also in your control. It is a case of “do as I say, not what I do”.

    The project manager needs to set the example. If people see that the project manager is not following processes, why should they.

    Be sure to have your own house in order before you ask others to do the same.

Knowing and recognizing these normal human tendencies will help counter the resistance you may encounter on your project.

The project manager needs to communicate the processes effectively, including their overall value to the project.

Once discussed with the team, it is important to apply the project management processes consistently so that they can be adopted successfully on the project.

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