5 Reasons Why One Should Consider Hiring an Estate Planning Lawyer

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Research shows that over 50% of Americans do not have even the basic estate planning documents. This is mainly because many people are not aware of the different estate planning products that are available to them.

Other individuals do not have full information about the benefits that they can get from having a healthcare directive, trust, or will.

Here are reasons why you should hire an estate planning attorney.

  1. No significant price difference

    Most people assume that handling your estate planning on your own will help you save money. However, you may save up on attorney fees but will have to handle the entire process on your own.

    A basic plan using an attorney will not cost you much, especially when you add all the necessary documents required to have a complete estate plan. You will also have a relationship with a professional who can explain the different documents that may not be apparent.

  2. Estate planning guidance

    When planning your estate, you there are documents that you must create and nominate people or trustees for your estate.

    Most people may not know who to nominate and the entire planning process may be overwhelming given what is involved.

    A lawyer will guide you through the entire process and ensure that it is much easier. They will help you in answering key questions and guide you during the decision making processes.

  3. Estate administration

    Attorneys can also do estate administration after a person dies. This is valuable because you will have a professional who can draft better documents for you.

    Elder law attorneys are experienced in their field and understand the estate planning regulations and will ensure that they draft documents that are necessary for your current situation.

    Probates make lawyers better at document drafting because they are able to see what will work and what does not work when they have to use those documents.

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  4. Choosing a trustee, guardian or PR

    Estate planning lawyers know from experience the qualities that make an excellent trustee, guardian, or personal representative (PR).

    They can assist you in narrowing down your options or they can change your mind and assist you in choosing the best person. This insight will be helpful to the individual creating the estate plan and the person who will carry out the tasks or the trustee.

  5. Offer practical advice

    With a lawyer, you will get practical advice that you may never get anywhere else, even online.

    Your legal representative can offer insight on tax consequences depending on your choices and can help you use documents that can eliminate or reduce tax on your estate.

    They can also advise you on where to keep your will and will ensure that the will is properly executed.

    An attorney will give you the personal care that you cannot find on legal websites.

Estate planning is crucial for everyone regardless of what you own. Most people believe that only the wealthy should consider estate planning. However, this is not the case. You can benefit from having an experienced legal representative look over your will and overall estate plan.

A good attorney will take time to understand your specific needs and provide experienced counsel that will help you make informed decisions regarding your future.

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