5 Savvy Ways to Lower Your Bills

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If you have ever budgeted, you may have been surprised to see just how much you are spending on some of your bills each month.

These bills can significantly limit your ability to do things that you love and may make it hard to enjoy your life.

Use some of these tips to cut down on five of the most common types of bills that come to your house every month.

5 Savvy Ways to Lower Your Bills

  1. Save Money on Your Electric Bill

    Your electric bill can go sky high especially in the summer if you run a central air conditioning unit. Try to lower costs by turning your thermostat up even a few degrees or by choosing a programmable thermostat to decrease air conditioning use when you are at work.

    Other options include using a power strip to turn power off to multiple appliances or electronics at once and installing LED light bulbs instead of traditional incandescent.

  2. Save Money on Your Heating Bill

    If you are like the millions of Americans that use natural gas for your heat during the winter months, you can trim costs by using your programmable thermostat.

    Try to keep the temperature in your house around 67 degrees or lower when you are sleeping. Research has shown that not only will this save you money but also it will help you sleep more deeply.

  3. Save Money on Your Credit Card Bills

    If paying off your credit cards within the next few months is not a viable option for you, you will want to find another way to lower them because interest is quite high on this type of consumer loan.

    Consider asking your credit card company for a lower rate, or look into consolidating your debt into one loan with a lower interest rate.

  4. Save Money on Your Insurance Bills

    You most likely pay for health, automobile, home or renter’s and life insurance. If your bill is too high, try shopping around for a lower premium through different companies.

    Ask for an insurance quote based on a variety of deductibles, and try to bundle your insurance to get discounts.

  5. Save Money on Miscellaneous Monthly Bills

    You most likely have many other bills each month, some of which may take money directly out of your bank account.

    Cancel home Internet or cable if you do not use it frequently, and find a lower cell phone plan. You may also be able to eliminate such bills as newspaper service and gym memberships completely.

If you need more help, you may want to consider talking to your financial advisor, your accountant or a debt consolidator. Even a simple call to your local utility office may reveal some unique and easy way to trim down your monthly costs. This will help you to live in financial freedom and to use your money on what you truly love.

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