5 Smart Ways to Update Your Schools Science Lab on a Budget

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Science labs are great places for students to learn science using practical experiments.

The lab enhances the students learning by supplementing the theoretical aspect of science learned in the classroom.

According to the association for science, science education gives a lot of benefits to the students.

With the pressure for better state and national science standards, most of the schools are trying to update their antiquated lab equipment to improve their school science lab into modern ones.

We have put together a list of five smart ways to update your lab with a tight budget.

5 Smart Ways to Update Your Schools Science Lab on a Budget

  1. Buy Pre-Owned Equipment

    Since the budget is always a factor to consider, finding an alternative way to acquire equipment is helpful. Used pieces of equipment can be purchased at a lower cost as compared to new ones. However, it is essential to be cautious when purchasing used types of equipment to save you from curing repairing costs.

    Alternatively, you can buy refurbished equipment, which offers additional quality assurance. It is because the equipment is always repaired and tested before resell. Refurbished items have a warranty, which gives you a guarantee for their quality.

  2. Purchase Equipment in Bulk

    When done correctly, buying lab equipment in bulk will save you a substantial amount of money. Identify the items that you always use and those who will be used for an infinite amount of time and purchase them in bulk. If you lack enough storage, there are lab supply stores that will allow you to buy things and enable you to receive them whenever you are ready.

    Some of the things you will require to purchase in bulk for your modern lab are; LCD projectors, digital whiteboards, approved safety types of equipment, chemical resistance tables, and utility islands that have water, gas, electrical, and data outlets.

  3. Protect Your Equipment

    You have invested a lot to get these pieces of equipment. Don’t you think it’s a good idea to protect them? Protecting your pieces of equipment will reduce the chances of exposing them to damages and contamination, which will save you money in the long run.

    You can protect many benchtop lab equipment with storage products, covers, and shields. Remember, some lab equipment such as a microscope can be damaged by dust or exposure to extreme weather conditions. Carts and workstations should be used as storage to prevent damages as well as making your lab more accessible.

  4. Buy Directly from the Manufacturer

    If your budget is large, eliminating resellers is the best way to avoid unnecessary expenses. Buying your equipment directly from the manufactures will not only save you money but also allows you to secure a steady supply wherever you need the equipment.

    Negotiating with the manufacturer will give you a chance to make any particular demand for the equipment you may require; for example, if there are students with special needs, you can request material that suits their requirements.

  5. Equipment Optimization

    Invest in the best equipment possible to increase efficiency and durability. When buying the equipment, look for the best quality to save you the cost of repairing from time to time.

    Getting a piece of versatile equipment is also another way of optimizing your products. For a school lab, you can choose to buy stuff that can be used in biology, physics, and chemistry classes. Place fixed equipment in a position that does not require a lot of space.

    Please keep all your lab equipment in an accessible place to make it easy for your learners to carry out experiments. Consider setting up a regular procedure of how you will clean your lab apparatus when choosing their location. For instance, you can adopt the usage of a rotary vane vacuum pump to vacuum clean your equipment after every practical.

    Digitize your lab to reduce paper wastage and storage space. If your lab is digitized, it is easy for teachers to record students’ performance and track progress. We are living in a digital world in which technology controls almost everything. You should ensure that your lab is up to date with the latest computers and supporting machines for automatic storage and transfer of data and reports. Going paperless will save teachers time and effort while increasing efficiency and productivity.

A school lab has several types of equipment. The primary purpose of exposing students to practical experiments is to help them think beyond the classroom. If you are looking up to update your school lab to suit a 21st-century learner, consider using these five smart and economical ways to make your dream a success.

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