5 Software Services that Make Banking Easier

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The Top Innovative Banking Software Programs Institutions Need To Provide Exemplary Customer Service For Its Customers

Banking and the way we do our banking has changed so much in the past thirty years, let alone the last five.

The digital age has become the driver of the car now. Everything we have done in the past two decades and beyond will be determined in some way by the digital age.

That is why banking institutions need to stay updated on what is current in the digital world.

The purpose of this blog is to illustrate a few examples of digital technology software services that are going to be a force to be reckoned with moving forward.

It does not matter whether the customer is seeking a bank fee refund or trying to resolve a more complex dispute, institutions are going to need what these services can offer.

5 Software Services that Make Banking Easier
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  1. Mambu

    Mambu is a digital platform that is leading the charge for many banking institutions. Those of you who are familiar with FinTech50 will be happy to know that Mambu has been named in the top ten for the past three years.

    They have offices in Dresden, Singapore, and Romania, not to mention, down here in Miami, Florida. Mambu has been looking to compete on a global scale for a long time now.

    Mambu is also a cloud-based platform making it suitable for Apple product users.

  2. Symitar

    Did you ever hear of Jack Henry and Associates? Symitar is a subsection of the company.

    That means that they are one of the largest core data processors on a global scale. Their software services have helped out everyone from credit unions to main banking institutions.

    The software systems work with both IBM and Windows systems.

  3. Access Softek

    Say, for example, that one banking institution uses Symitar, and are looking for a mobile partner to help better its customer relations. You would want Access Softek to be that partner.

    Softek uses something called “biometric authentication. They are continuously looking to stay ahead of the tech curve. Softek has gotten to a point where the platform is rolling out new trends and software services before it hits the markets. That is how cutting-edge the software services platform is.

    Yes, Symitar is the preferred partnering platform, but Softek can work with virtually almost any banking institution setup. It is one to consider, according to an expert in the software services field.

  4. Silver Cloud

    This option has a digital enablement platform. The platform allows credit unions and banking institutions to compete with global giants without becoming overwhelmed by the technology itself.

    Some platforms overwhelm with technology to the point where you have not idea what to do. This platform is not one of them.

  5. MicroNotes and TransPerfect

    MicroNotes utilizes more of a machine learning and AI perspective for banking needs. It has little to no intrusiveness when it comes to marketing. Banks can use the platform to connect with customers on their preferred channel.

    TransPerfect is geared for those looking to maintain customer relations through multi-language utilization. Banks and credit unions can trust this platform beyond anything else they have tried. According to one expert, this service platform can translate virtually any language from its customer base. That means you can overcome the language barrier that much faster and resolve issues that much quicker.


As I have stated, from the beginning, banking has changed a lot in the past thirty years or more. There will always be a need to better customer relations, particularly as digital technology continues to evolve through the years.

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