5 Suggestions for Saving Money on Marketing Programs

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If you operate a small business, you understand that effective marketing campaigns can be hard on your budget.

Even large enterprises run a risk in massive marketing efforts that may not bring adequate revenue.

Marketing, like any other business investment, is about efficiency: Getting the best results with the least money.

Here are some advertising strategies that work without straining your budget.

5 Suggestions for Saving Money on Marketing Programs

  1. Design Your Digital Content for SEO

    Search engine optimization is still the best free way to draw traffic to your site.

    SEO techniques help to boost your ranking by Google, Bing, and the other search engines so that you can appear closer to the top of search results for certain keywords and phrases.

    Unfortunately, with millions of websites out there, it isn’t as simple as finding the best keywords and integrating them with your content.

    Search engines are trying or provide users the best alternative first. They also consider such factors as inbound links, site navigation, page load speeds, and much more. SEO can be a complex subject, but there are any number of tools and tutorials to help out.

  2. Get Referrals

    Referrals are word-of-mouth advertisement. It’s when a happy customer, employer, or business partner sends new prospects your way.

    People will tend to trust the opinions of their own associates much more than they will trust your best advertisements.

    The best way to get referrals is simply to ask for them. Suggest to your happy customers and social media followers that they recommend your business to friends and family.

    You should also provide some incentives for these referrals, such as discount coupons, freebies, or gift certificates.

    When the cloud storage service Dropbox initiated their referral program, client sign-ups jumped by 60 percent.

  3. Share Valuable Content

    The idea behind content marketing is that you must consistently produce material that your market segment and social audiences will find of value.

    The more entertaining and informative it is, the more likely they are to share it with friends and family.

    Always focus on coming up with buzz-worthy content to spark conversations about your business. Encourage visitors to share, but include social media buttons in your organic content to make this very easy for them to do.

    While it isn’t easy to come up fresh, useful content every day, you should still make the effort to do it often enough so that you sustain and grow your following.

  4. Make the News

    You’ll find that you can often create your own great content by finding ways to engage with your audience.

    Stage events that people will talk about. You can have raffles, contests, partner with charities, hold webinars or podcasts, or anything that will appeal to the most people at one time.

    Make it wacky and fun if that suits your brand, but take advantage of press releases and partner networks to announce special activities people will enjoy and remember. Don’t forget to post photos, audio, or videos afterward!

  5. Grow Your Social Networks

    Social media networks command millions of followers all over the world. Creating a business profile is generally free. It gives you the chance to communicate directly with people who are interested in your offer.

    Choose the right network for your company. Pinterest, for example, is ideal for product photos, and can be used for advertising aspects of your business as well.

    Companies like NuSkin have been using social media as a platform, and Pinterest is no exception.

    Come up with interesting names and subjects for your image boards and be sure to show your company name and URL on all of them.

    Regularly posting eye-catching quality photos are a quick and intuitive way to gain attention and create positive feelings, with minimal cost and effort to you.

It may take some time at first to settle on the right digital channels for your brand and your audience. While there are also paid services, once you learn the ropes you’ll be able to promote your own business at a low cost.

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