5 Things Your Workspace Says About Your Company

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Just like your personal environment says a lot about you, your workspace says a lot about your company.

In general, office design has come a long way and it’s essential that it reflects positively on the employees.

After all, workspace design can affect workers’ productivity and satisfaction as well as represent your company brand.

Think carefully about the following points.

5 Things Your Workspace Says About Your Company

  1. Does Your Company Value Team Work?

    The way your workspace is organized can tell a lot about the company’s stand on teamwork and groups in general. Open floor plan has become very popular in office design and that’s precisely because team work and communication need that kind of a design boost to actually produce the best results.

    Separating everyone in cubicles can send a wrong message to both your employees and your clients. After all, being able to discuss projects easily and even exchange a few words occasionally with other team members is especially important for a productivity boost.

    Clear separation makes it difficult to discuss important matters and creates a feeling of forced silence which is rather uncomfortable and actually reduces productivity levels.

  2. Does Your Company Care About Employees’ Well-Being?

    Every modern company needs to provide adequate break room area for its workers – if the company values workers’ well-being and happiness, that is. Complete lack of such an area or an inadequately equipped room won’t reflect positively on your company.

    After all, a workspace is not just a space where people won’t do anything but work; it’s also a space where people have to take a break, eat lunch and chat with their colleagues a bit.

    A company that understands that people aren’t robots and actually have a need to rest and take a break, also provides a proper break room with both kitchen and entertainment essentials.

  3. Does Your Company Think About Safety and Functionality?

    Every workspace is different and, in that respect, has different standards when it comes to safety and functionality. However, the moment one steps into the office, it’s clear whether the layout is organised with functionality and safety in mind.

    Employees should be able to move freely, have their documents and essentials at designated points that are easy to reach as well as other safety essentials at their disposal such as a fire extinguisher, fire ducts and other ventilation systems, safety exits and an evacuation plan. The lack of these things points to the lack of company integrity and care for its workforce.

  4. Does Your Company Value Personality?

    Another important aspect of workspace design has everything to do with the decorative side of the space. If the office is plain and grey, with no discernible personality touches, not only do you completely neglect the company branding and image but also demotivate the employees who can’t possibly thrive in such a plain and sterile environment.

    You don’t have to go overboard with colours, but a workspace that features branding colours in its interior as well as allows the employees the freedom of decorating their own desk areas clearly cares about creating productive and pleasant surrounding for everyone.

  5. Does Your Company Care About the Environment?

    Caring for the environment also means caring for the people working for your company. After all, an eco-friendly office is beneficial for the whole planet. Some modern offices take this matter very seriously by utilising green walls, energy-efficient appliances, double-glazed windows, paperless approach, etc.

    You don’t have to do all that, but it’s clear that employees will feel a lot better and show more productivity in an environment that has plenty of greenery and doesn’t drown in paper. You don’t have to ditch paper completely but use technology as much as possible for paperwork and introduce plants into the office space.

If your workspace doesn’t match your company’s ideology and actually shows lack of care for the workers, you can’t expect tremendous success. If they feel comfortable at work, people will also be more productive and motivated to make a difference for your company. Your clients will be impressed and your earnings will increase.

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