5 Tips for Budgeting Your Plastic Surgery

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Cosmetic surgery is an effective way to make changes to your look.

While many of these surgeries seem quick and painless, going under the knife is rarely easy on the wallet.

Whether you want a nose job, breast augmentation, or similar surgery, it pays to start saving for plastic surgery.

5 Tips for Budgeting Your Plastic Surgery

Budgeting Tips to Save for Surgery

Plastic surgery is expensive. As many health insurance companies deeming plastic surgery as “elective”, it’s challenging to find a way to cover the costs of these types of surgeries. With the price of the average tummy tuck at $5,000, most people are at a loss for how to afford the surgery.

If you want to budget for surgery but aren’t sure where to begin, consider the following five strategies:

  1. Start Shopping Around for Cosmetic Surgeons

    While the price for certain surgeries is quite high, these prices do fluctuate by the surgeon. According to statistics, the costs of certain surgeries can vary by up to 300% depending on your choice in doctors. In fact, many surgery candidates choose to have their surgeries in other countries to take advantage of lower prices.

    Start your research by looking online for the prices of each cosmetic procedure you plan to have. Likewise, be sure to visit the websites of various hospitals and doctors in your area to compare the rates of each surgery.

  2. Find Discounts for Surgery Online

    Another way to shave the price off of expensive surgeries is to search for discounts. If you’re interested in surgeries like laser eye surgery in Miami, a neck lift in Toronto, or lip augmentation in Los Angeles, you may be able to find coupons on sites like Groupon. As you go on the hunt for discounts and deals, make sure that you’re qualified to have the surgery before you purchase the deal.

    Not sure if you qualify for a specific plastic surgery? Set up a consultation with a plastic surgeon in your area to double-check that you’re eligible to receive the surgery. As most sites don’t give refunds, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  3. Ask Your Surgeon for a Discount

    If you’ve already selected a surgeon to perform a specific surgery, don’t be afraid to ask for a better price. Private clinics are able to adjust their pricing structure as they see fit. In many cases, they can offer rates on a sliding scale, depending on their clients’ situations.

    Afraid to ask your surgeon for a better deal? Offer to pay cash upfront. In many clinics and hospitals, paying in cash guarantees the patient an automatic discount.

  4. Get a Credit Card for Health Care

    As you continue to consider new ways to budget for surgery, you may want to get a credit card. Before applying for a regular credit card, consider getting one specifically for health care. Health care lines of credit are reserved for card owners that qualify for certain medical procedures and treatments.

    After applying and getting approved for a credit card, a healthcare credit company will pay for the cost of the procedure upfront. In the months after your surgery, you’ll continue to pay off the credit card in monthly installments. While this option won’t necessarily get you a discount, it is a more feasible way to cover the costs of surgery.

  5. Crowdfund Your Surgery

    Another way to get more cash for your plastic surgery is to ask friends and family for their help. If you feel comfortable enough sharing this journey with your loved ones, consider the option of crowdfunding your surgery. Whether you ask them to give you the gift of an elective procedure or contribute to a GoFundMe campaign, crowdfunding is an effective way to bring down the cost of pricier surgeries.

    Depending on the story behind the surgery, you may even find that strangers online want to contribute to your fund. Be honest with yourself and with others about your plastic surgery journey as you work to put money away for your procedure.

Surgery doesn’t need to break the bank. Even though it may take some time, setting aside cash for your plastic surgery will be worth it. Keep these ideas in mind as you continue to think of creative ways to budget for your surgery.

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