5 Tips for Planning a Budget Friendly Wedding in 2014

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Planning your big day, but not sure how everything will fit in your budget? With a little planning and some inspired choices can host a beautiful wedding that won’t break the bank.

We have compiled a list to get your started, with 5 tips for planning a budget-friendly wedding.

5 Tips for Planning a Budget Friendly Wedding in 2014

  1. Create a custom curated music list

    Hiring musicians is often one of the more significant wedding expenses, and choosing the right one can lead to more stress than you need. You probably have a cousin’s nephew or uncle’s brother’s wife who will be happy to play DJ at your reception. The best part of curating a music list with the help of friends and loved ones is that you get to put a personal touch on the event versus the standard lists that most musicians have to offer.

  2. Choose a beautiful venue

    Sure, this sounds like a no-brainer, but when you choose a location that is beautiful in and of itself, you no longer need to invest a large portion of your budget in decorations. A garden wedding, if timed well, means your floral arrangements are provided by mother nature and included with the venue. Renting a gorgeous estate like Cropley House for your wedding means that minimalist and possibly monochromatic décor is all you’ll need to accent the already beautiful surroundings.

  3. Serve your guests on beautifully mismatched china

    Provided you have some time to shop around, this is a memorable alternative to high-cost china rentals. Flea markets and thrift shops are rife with incomplete yet completely lovely china. When arranged on a table with a unifying element, such as floral displays or linens, the overall effect is as charming as it is frugal.

  4. Use a custom stamp for invitations

    Hand-lettered invitation can be costly keepsakes, but it isn’t necessary to sacrifice beauty for the sake of your wallet. Custom stamps are available that emulate the look of handwritten invitations at a fraction of the cost. Etsy is an excellent place to start your search for a custom stamp as well as attractive notecards and handmade papers.

  5. Host a potluck reception in lieu of gifts

    With fewer couples getting married straight out their parents’ homes, the need for wedding gifts has diminished in recent decades. Instead of asking your guests for traditional gifts, invite them to prepare their favorite dish for all of your guests to enjoy your reception. Along with creating beautiful and lasting memories, this is an opportunity for guests to present you with lovely serving dishes or bakeware that you can treasure long after.

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