5 Tips How To Be Great Project Manager

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I am sure you are a good project manager but for those who need some kind of help, there are certain steps they can take to be a great project manager.

There is always room for improvement in any kind of business.

If you’d like to improve how you manage projects, then learn and practice the following tips.

President Reagan was a fantastic leader and being a fantastic leader is all about the way you motivate and inspire your team.

Take these five tips to boost your leadership skills:

  1. Set Clear Goals

    Every great Project Leader in history has set very clear goals for their team. Keep your goals very specific and measurable. They should be action oriented, realistic and time bound.

    Only set a couple of goals, 3 at the most. Keep them short and meaningful.

    The important thing is that everyone in your team must be able to remember the goals set, without writing them down.

    If you can do that, then you are already on the road to finish the project in flying color.

  2. Motivate every team member individually

    Find out exactly what it is that motivates every person in your team. For some it’s money, for others it’s doing work that they enjoy and for others it’s working with a great team.

    If you know what it is that motivates every individual in your team, then you can do what it takes to keep them motivated throughout the project. Implementing just one approach to motivating your team (e.g. team building exercises) is not enough.

    You need to mix it up. That way you can match everyone’s individual needs, to keep them pumped and working as hard as possible towards the project goals.

  3. Track Progress Clearly

    As well as setting goals and motivating your team to achieve them, you need to monitor progress each week to make sure you’re on track.

    Make sure you tell your team every week-what they’ve achieved and what they haven’t.

    Talk through the wins and losses, the challenges and issues. Get their feedback to ensure buy-in.

  4. Reward Good Performance

    Great Project Leaders always reward and recognize great performance in the team. You need to constantly think of new ways of rewarding your team for the right behavior.

    Implement two types of reward systems. The first are rewards that are provided when the team achieve certain targets.

    For instance you might hold a team dinner or social function if the team complete Phase 1 of the project delivery on time.

    The second type of reward system is more personal. For those team members that perform at exceptionally high levels, offer them special rewards for good performance.

    Remember that rewards don’t have to be expensive. It’s usually the thought that counts and the recognition that goes with it.

  5. Keep improving yourself professionally

    Great Project Leaders are constantly looking for ways to improve how they lead the team.

    So keep working on your presentation, communication and documentation skills each week by taking time out to learn on the web, watch videos and taking training courses.

    If you improve your professional skills every week, then so will those within your team-boosting your chances of success.

In a Nutshell
So there it is, the 5 tips how to be great project manager. If you can set clear goals, track progress, reward and recognize your team and improve your professional skills-then you’re sure to become a Great Project Leader!

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