5 Tips To Deliver Your Project Successfully

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No matter what kind of project you as project manager have been given responsibility for, there are certain steps you can take in delivering a project such as to finish on time, under budget and with a happy customer.

You don’t have to do “everything” about managing the project.

There are times when you must give more responsibility to your team members.

Ronald Reagan is a big example of having been one of the more successful presidents. He once said “Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty.”

For successful project managers, “Concentrated power has always been the enemy of a successful project.”

In light of the president’s statement, here are 5 tips that will give you a head start:

  1. Be honest with customers

    I strongly believe Mr. Reagan was honest to the American people who could be considered his customers. They elected him and as a president it was his obligation to deliver.

    The customer has selected you to deliver the project successfully. Therefore, you are obligated to always be totally honest and upfront with your customer right from the start. Set their expectations by telling them you will deliver what is feasible and by when. By having an open book policy just like I believe Mr. Reagan had, you will gain your customer’s trust.

  2. Manage through delegation

    This was I believe Mr. Reagan’s biggest asset. In his first term, he did not have a chief of staff in the White House. He delegated authority to a 3-person team what was at the time known as the president’s troika.

    A smart project manager always tries to delegate as much as possible to the team members. It gives them the time needed to monitor the project and support their team. However, accountability must be a part of delegation.

  3. Expect the unexpected

    I think it was Mr. Reagan who said “Expect the best but prepare for the worst.” Always expect things to change, embrace them and be ready for it when it occurs. Be wary of it though. Ask customers questions if they want to make changes (try to resist) in the middle of the project.

  4. Become a great leader

    Ronald Reagan might say greatness of a project manager can be boiled down to two words: “Well … leadership.” When you save time by delegating your tasks like the president did, you have free time for leading and motivating your team.

  5. Work smart, not hard

    Ronald Reagan always worked smart, not hard. He was known to work from 9 to 5. But when he delegated authority, he had the know-how to monitor the delegated task as well. Delegation without accountability will fail.

In a Nutshell
I reckon every project manager has a different style of managing. However, there are certain traits that ought to be common among all project managers.

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