5 Tips To Manage Your Project Tasks Successfully

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A time comes in your working life that you are required to perform successfully in multiple tasks environment. This is especially true when you work as a Project Manager.

In a typical project, you usually have too much work to do and, needless to say, not enough time to do it within the original schedule.

However, if you have great task management skills (either acquired – that’s the best way, or comes naturally – very seldom happens), then you will be more effective with your time.

You would thus deliver projects earlier, or at least on time, as a result.

Manage Your Project Tasks Successfully

Here are 5 tips to Manage Your Tasks.

  1. First, put all tasks in one place

    Create a general list of various tasks that you want to perform. A variety of technology is available these days – desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

    If you keep the list in a centralized place like one of so many websites, you will be able to access it any place any time.

    If you have written them in different places as they came before you – on your desk, in your calendar, in documents and email and maybe on your mobile phone, the first step is to consolidate all of these tasks into one simple list.

  2. Prioritize all tasks

    Set criteria of some kind to prioritize tasks by moving the most important tasks to the top and the least important to the bottom.

    It makes it easier to work from top to bottom in your list. This way you would always know exactly that you are working on the right thing and at the right time.

    More experienced project managers set criteria on the basis of tasks that deliver the most value or are critical to the project.

    In some cases, you have no choice but to finish a task because it must be done before others can commence their work.

  3. Schedule tasks

    Next step is to estimate how much time it’s likely going to take to complete each task on the list. Write down the effort needed for each and try to make it as realistic as possible.

    Again it can be a part of the original centralized list. Then create a schedule so that you understand which tasks you are going to work on and when. This way you can forecast the workload ahead.

  4. Update your schedule

    On a daily basis, update your schedule. Mark the tasks you’ve completed. Re-forecast the tasks you still have ahead.

    Only then will you know if you are on the path of finishing the project on time. Updated schedule will become a powerful and useful tool. It will give you and your team a road map ahead.

  5. Communicate with your team consistently

    Your team will want to know what the schedule is and when each task in the project will be completed. So share it with them. Help them to keep informed along the way.

In a Nutshell
Managing different tasks not only in a project but generally in life can be considered an art. But with consistent practice, you should be able to perform successfully as a multi-tasker.

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