5 Tips to Save Money on Entertainment and Still Have Fun

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Because of the ongoing recession, the purchasing power of people has reduced significantly. People do not have as much money to spend on entertainment as they did before.

Yet, life is boring without a little entertainment from time to time. It is possible to have fun without spending too much money if you know the right places to look for it.

Here are five great tips to save money on entertainment and still have fun.

  1. Buy Coupon Books

    Coupon books are a great way to save money on entertainment. Schools and non-profit organizations usually sell coupon books as a method of raising money for a cause. Restaurants, cinemas, amusement parks and other entertainment businesses provide these money saving coupons for charity.

    Some people are apprehensive about using these coupons but you should not feel that way. The coupons are for saving money and that is what you are looking to do. These coupon books are available at a number of charities and schools.

  2. Free Performances

    If you are into music, poetry or stand up comedy, be sure to check out the hangouts near your home. They provide up and coming talent a chance to perform and these performances are often free.

    Though there is a chance that the performance would disappoint you but at least you do not have to buy a ticket. Information about such events is available online at MySpace. Check out the upcoming free performances in your neighborhood.

  3. Art Exhibitions

    Art schools and galleries are generous when it comes to putting up exhibitions. If art is your thing, check the art school nearest to your home and you will find a free exhibition eventually. People who love painting have a great time attending exhibitions, even if they are free exhibitions. You do not need to buy a painting to get in.

  4. Reading

    The trend of taking up reading as a habit is fast on the decline. However, for avid readers, money is not a concern. Head to a good bookstore and read to your heart’s content. The bigger bookstores have comfortable seats and coffee. Moreover, you can download free eBooks to read on your smartphone or tablet.

  5. Inexpensive Movie Tickets

    Multiplexes have pushed drive-in cinemas into the background. Yet, there are drive-in cinemas that show new movies. The tickets are cheaper than those at multiplexes are. Watching a movie in the open air is a different experience for someone used to theaters. If you want to watch a movie at home, you can borrow a DVD from your local library.

In a Nutshell
These are five tips to save money on entertainment and still have fun. Even if you do not have much money, you should not have to compromise on enjoyment.

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