5 Tips to Save Money While Pregnant

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Expecting a baby? There are a million thoughts running through your mind, a thousand ways in which you have to prepare. Before the baby even comes, bills start piling up – outfitting a nursery, stocking up on diapers, paying healthcare costs…its expensive right from the start! Luckily, there are a few clever tricks for saving cash while pregnant.

5 Tips to Save Money While Pregnant

  1. Replace bottled water with a filter

    Even though a case of bottled water may be under $5, you’re likely going through that case quickly. If you buy one case a week, that’s approximately $20 a month and at least $240 a year – more if you go through water quickly. Some families save more than $115 per month just by having a filter on their tap.

  2. Still heading out every morning for work?

    Pack your lunch instead of ordering takeout to the office or heading to a deli on your break. If you buy lunch every work day, you could be spending at least $50 a week just on lunch – imagine how much you’d save by bringing it with you!

  3. Healthcare

    Healthcare is expensive, especially when you are having a baby. There is just no way around it. You will need an obstetrician for your prenatal care, or a high risk obstetrician like Dr. Gilbert Webb, if you have the potential to experience any challenges during pregnancy. You also need to select a pediatrician for your new bundle of joy. Websites like healthgrades.com will help you find a doctor that will meet your healthcare needs. The good news is that if you have insurance, it may cover a good portion of your expenses.

  4. During the holidays, you’re bound to get gift cards

    There’s no need to shop at a store you really don’t like, though. A great way to save some extra cash is to exchange those gift cards for ones you’ll actually use or, even better, real cash! There are a few websites that provide this service.

  5. If you still have a landline, consider cutting off service.

    If your cellphone gets good reception in your home, there’s no need to bother with a second phone number – most of your friends probably can’t keep both numbers straight, anyway! You could wind up saving between $500 and $1,500 by the time the baby’s born! If you can live without a cell phone, get rid of that service and keep your landline – you’ll save even more.

There are even more extreme ways to save, too, like getting a less expensive car or a second part-time job.. Whatever way you choose to stockpile some cash, be assured that it’ll all be worth it when you have extra money for your family.

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