5 Ways in Which Visual Features Help the Sales of Some Product

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In some simpler times, marketing was usually consisted of explaining the audience why some product is good, be it through words, or imagery.

Visual features of that product played a huge role in the entire process but they were something that was marketed and not something that took part in marketing.

These days things have drastically changed and today’s products are not only designed to be marketed easier, but to purposefully provoke the customers.

Let us take a look at some of the ways used to achieve this effect.

5 Ways in Which Visual Features Help the Sales of Some Product2

  1. Choosing the Right Color

    Colors are one of the most obvious things that pop to anyone’s mind when we think about the correlation between some product’s visual identity and the urge to buy that very product.

    And indeed, counting the volumes of books on the subject of psychology of color would be virtually impossible.

    What makes the art of using colors to imbue the product with inherent attractiveness is awareness of these psychological rules on the one hand and striking the balance between timeless and contemporary on the other.

    Orange may be the new black today, but that does not mean it will remain that way tomorrow.

  2. The Perception of Value

    You have probably heard of the term value prism. What that term refers to is a technique marketers use to increase some products value through casting the light on the effort spent into the development of that product.

    The more thorough this description is, more justified the price of the product will be. Well-designed products are envisioned to make this process easier.

    When it comes to great looking products, they can enable you to put the pieces of the puzzle on your own.

  3. Similarity to Higher Tiered Product

    There is no easier way to increase some products appeal than creating the more expensive product.

    The endless escalation of smartphone flagship features (both useful and gimmicky) serves as the prime example of this situation.

    But the value of flagship smartphones does not lie only in the fact that they are great sellers or that they allow putting the midrange tag on the phones that are way out of that price segment.

    Flagship smartphones usually have distinct visual features that can be emulated down the price ladder in order to increase the attractiveness of the midrange and low end devices.

    These rules apply to all the other types of products as well.

  4. Putting Stronger Focus on Benefits

    Products should not only pack enough visually appealing features. Those features should be incorporated in such manner so the users are aware of their tangible benefits.

    For example, quality tires are one of the 4×4’s numerous visual features. Off road driving capability is the benefit produced by that visual feature.

    The purpose of a well-designed 4×4 vehicle is to cut the explaining needed between user noticing visual features and realizing the benefits (that are their products) on the bare minimum.

  5. Ergonomics

    Ergonomics is a scientific discipline that explores the interaction between humans and other elements of some system aimed at improving the usability of those elements, and, in-turn, human well-being.

    What makes this discipline more complicated is the fact that products do not only have to be easy to use, but they also have to look like they are easy to use.

    The latter situation is sometimes much harder to address than the first, but the things are as they are. Once you put your product on retail displays people should better think of them as something they would like to hold in their hands on daily basis.

As we can see, quality design does not only have to be concerned with making some product look good.

It also has to address the number of visual elements and techniques in order to make the product desirable from the get-go.

It remains to be seen how the knowledge of this need will make its resolving any easier.

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