5 Ways to Save Money on Flights

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Travel costs may be climbing by the day, but you can save big on airline tickets with the right planning and a little luck. Before you take your next trip, consider these five tips for booking a flight without breaking the bank.

5 Ways to Save Money on Flights

  1. Clear Your Cookies

    If you’ve been checking and re-checking ticket prices on the same travel site, it’s probably been logging your data and storing your preferences. This means it can hike up the prices shown to you because it knows you really want to go to X destination based on your browsing history. If you want fair, objective prices, clear your cookies before each visit to a travel site.

  2. Sign Up For Alerts

    You can never be sure when airlines will offer killer deals for special promotions, but who has the time to check dozens of websites every day? Alerts are a simple way to stay connected to your favorite airlines and be the first to know about price cuts, discounted fares or exclusive last-minute offers. Sometimes you can angle a deal just for subscribing!

  3. Book a Charter Flight

    According to Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd. If you’re traveling in a group, chartering a flight can be much more affordable than buying individual tickets for everyone. Depending on your airline, it can also result in a much more comfortable trip with better amenities and in-flight entertainment. Talk to the airline about chartering possibilities if you’re flying a sports team or group of business executives across state lines.

  4. Have a Flexible Schedule

    Are you a morning person? Red-eye flights come with steep discounts because of their early takeoffs. Do you absolutely have to take a weekend flight? Fridays are the most expensive day to fly, while Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are much cheaper. If you can afford a little flexibility with your flight schedule, you’ll enjoy much bigger savings than fixed dates and times.

  5. Compare and Contrast

    Never buy the first ticket you see, not even if you think the price is decent. There’s almost always a better deal somewhere. Use comparison sites like Orbitz or Travelocity for a real-time assessment of your options, and don’t be afraid to call up the airline and ask if they price match with their competitors. Some of them do; it’s just an unpublicized feature.

These are five simple ways to save money when booking a flight. Remember, research is key! You should always explore every avenue available to you before committing to something and going up in the air.

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