5 Ways to Save Money on IT Support

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Information technology support is there to help your business boost productivity, achieving the most optimal results.

However, IT can be both a time and money drain on your business. Not investing in the right IT infrastructure and IT support systems can come back to haunt you.

From server crashes to creeping maintenance costs, there is a lot that goes into IT support. IT support isn’t a commodity; you have to assess the value of the services you are purchasing.

Here are 5 ways to save money on IT support:

5 Ways to Save Money on IT Support

  1. Purchase the Latest, Greatest Equipment

    A lot of businesses try to keep their computer infrastructure as long as possible.

    With the high capital expenditures that come with replacing outdated computer systems, at first glance it would make sense to put off the purchase and make do with what you have.

    However, while you may save a few bucks in the short run, over time additional IT support expenses will creep up on you:

    • Lost Productivity. A slow computer system will reduce productivity. If an employee being paid $50,000 a year can only work at 90% efficiency, you are losing $5,000/year.

    • Added Maintenance Costs. Trying to keep an obsolete system running can cost up to 30% more in IT support costs than a new system.

    • Cyber Security Threats. Older systems eventually lose technical support and updates from the developer, leaving you vulnerable to cyber security threats, which can cost a lot to troubleshoot.

    If you purchase a newer IT system, in the long run your IT support costs will be lower and more consistent.

  2. Budget Your IT Expenses

    If you keep a thorough budget of your IT expenses, you will able to figure out what the baseline cost of IT support and infrastructure will be for your business. This will allow you to better determine what services are necessary for keeping your business running smoothly.

  3. Quality Audits from a Third Party

    A third-party quality audit is a helpful way to get a better picture of the state of your IT system. The quality audit will determine what areas of your IT systems are vulnerable, and what needs to be done in order to prevent an expensive IT crisis from crippling your business. An IT company like Ottawa IT Support could be a help in this regard.

  4. “Hot Spare” Workstations

    Keeping a “hot spare” workstation handy in case the main IT workstation is not in working condition will help prevent productivity losses while the main workstation is being repaired.

  5. Smart Internet Use

    Having the right cyber security software and employee interest use policies will help prevent viruses that could infect your entire IT infrastructure. Keep all forms of digital protection updated at all times, and run some employee security training programs every once in a while to keep your workers up to speed.

For prudent management of IT support expenses, following these 5 tips will help you minimize your business’s IT expenses and ensure you are only buying what you need to keep your business fully operational.

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