5 Ways You Can Make Money from Old Possessions

Thursday, November 14, 2019, 6:00 AM | Leave Comment

Unless you’re born into wealth, you probably deal with cash flow shortages from time to time.

Thankfully, you can make some serious change if you sell off some of your old possessions.

Yes, you have a treasure trove of goodies just sitting around collecting dust that someone else would pay big money to own.

As they say, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

So, here are five ways to help you make some dough.

5 Ways You Can Make Money from Old Possessions

  1. Use Social Media Marketplace

    If you want to sell off clothes, purses, shoes, or old toys, then you need to check out the marketplace. Facebook struck gold with the invention of the virtual yard sale. There are no fees for listing your items, and you connect with locals. You get feedback based on the transaction, and the better your stuff, the more money you can make.

  2. Craig List

    Craig List is an excellent site for making money. You can sell cars, homes, and even look for employment here. Another benefit of this site is that it doesn’t cost a dime to buy, sell, or trade here. Be careful when selling on this site as there are no feedback ratings, and the site has a poor reputation for criminal activity. Still, there are good deals to be found.

  3. Online Auction Sites

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you know that the online auction sites are king. The downside is you will pay listing and final value fees based on the sales price, but you will have the ability to peddle with people all over the world. You can get way more money for your stuff online if you don’t mind shipping and paying the added cost to use the service.

  4. Call Dealers

    Did you know that you can get money for junk cars and other large items collecting dust? Have you seen signs around your city saying they pay cash for cars? Well, some people will pay top dollar, and they will come and remove it from your home. Many people have old cars and other scrap metal sitting around and taking up space. You can get rid of that stuff with one phone call.

  5. Use Book Buy Back Sites

    Do you have old books that need a new home? Tons of websites will buy back your books for top dollar. You can sell textbooks as well as collections from your favorite authors. First, then send you an offer, then a prepaid envelope. Once they receive the book, they deposit the money you’re your account.

Forget yard sales and sitting outside in the blazing sun. Today’s generation knows how to use the digital world to make money. When you use your smarts, you can have the buyer come to you and won’t need to lug around tables for a garage sale. Who knows, with today’s online society, you could have a bidding war on your items and drive the prices up higher. It’s time to clean out those closets, empty the garage, and make some serious dough.

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