5 Worthless Things You Might Have at Home That Have Resale Value

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Everyone has some clutter lying around their house. It could be a garage filled or a basement that hasn’t been touched in years.

Wherever you hoard your stuff doesn’t matter as it may be a trough of unknown treasures.

Did you know that you have seemingly worthless things in your home that might have great value?

Before you clean and pitch, you need to make sure you don’t have these five things lying around.

5 Worthless Things You Might Have at Home That Have Resale Value

  1. Marbles

    Did you know that marbles may not be so popular in the toy store these days, but the avid collector can’t wait to get their hands on them? The “cat’s eye,” which is officially called sulphides, is one of the most highly sought after, and there are many old German marbles that can bring upwards of $250 each. So, when you’re cleaning out those drawers and boxes, make sure no old marbles are rolling around in there.

  2. 8 Track Music

    Not all 8-track music tapes are worth something, and you may be lucky to get $1 for most at a garage sale. However, many will fetch a high price. The same can be said of record albums and cassettes too. A KISS originals 8-Track just sold for $1,000 this month. So, if you have any of these lying around, you better do some research before donating them.

  3. Books

    Who doesn’t have an old book or two sitting around the house? Most of them are not worth anything, but a few may be valuable to a collector. Since things are going digital, books have become a novelty. Always check the edition as it can tell you a great deal. Recently, a first edition of the Great Gatsby sold for $2,950. Just think if they had thrown it in the trash.

  4. Junk Cars

    Drive through your neighborhood, and you will see some junk car sitting around. Most of these cars have blown engines, transmissions, or other major issues that kept them from being affordable to fix. However, you can sell those cars for parts and make a great deal of money. There are always people looking for car parts, especially if they are older or hard to find. Salvage yards will pay you cash for junk cars, and you can get rid of the unsightly clutter.

  5. Disney VHS Tapes

    Who doesn’t love a good Disney movie? Remember, in the 1980s, when things like the Little Mermaid was popular? If you have some of these beloved classics on a VHS, you could get a nice payday. Check online auction sites and you will see them go for thousands. Who knew these old tapes could be so desirable?

What do you have sitting around that you need to get rid of? You’ve always heard that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, and it seems with the prices of some of these nostalgic things that saying is true. Are you ready to make some money?

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