6 Affordable Home Renovation Projects for the Weekend-Warrior

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When homeowners think of renovating their living space, they often imagine a large price tag tied to the process. Home improvement does not have to be time consuming or expensive. These six projects can be completed in a weekend for very little expense.

6 Affordable Home Renovation Projects for the Weekend-Warrior

  1. Under-Cabinet Lighting

    Kitchen cabinets often cast deep shadows on spaces under the cabinet. This is an easy problem to solve with under-cabinet lighting. Home improvement stores sell easy to install kits that require no electrical expertise. The result will be soft, recessed lighting that highlights the beauty of countertops and provides additional illumination in dark spaces.

  2. Overhaul Grout

    With time and use all bathroom tile begins to look dull and dirty no matter how much scrubbing it receives. Refreshing tile grout in the bathroom is a great weekend project that delivers exceptional results. Home improvement stores stock grout paint, an easy to use product that makes tile grout look like new. It is easy to apply and comes in several different colors.

  3. Attic Insulation

    According to the insulation experts at Reitzel Insulation Co Ltd, insulating your attic can significantly increase the energy efficiency of a home and dramatically lower heating and cooling costs on an annual basis. Filling in all cracks and using spray foam insulation in the attic is a safe and smart way to prevent air from escaping through the roof.

  4. Upgrade Bathroom Fixtures

    Instantly and inexpensively updating the bathroom in a home is as easy as replacing all the faucets on the sinks and bathtub. This is a fairly easy project that requires very little plumbing knowledge. New fixtures are a quick way to bring the bathroom up to date.

  5. Build an Outdoor Bar

    Outdoor entertaining is more fun with a built in bar. With a few simple tools and pressure treated lumber, a deck bar can be easily built in a single weekend. The bar can be built using one of several available plans, but many people choose to design their own for a personal touch.

  6. Tile the Kitchen Backsplash

    Many older kitchens do not have a built in backsplash. Whether installing the first backsplash or updating an old fashioned one, this weekend project is easy and delivers satisfying results. First time tilers should watch a few tutorials to become familiar with the tiling process. From there, it is simply a matter of choosing a tile and taking a weekend to complete the project. An updated kitchen is always a worthwhile endeavor.

These six projects will add to the beauty and value of a home and provide an opportunity for learning new home renovation skills.

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