6 Apps to Watch Free Movies Online

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Increasing public access to the Internet has revolutionized our daily lives.

From accomplishing tasks for our day jobs to keeping ourselves entertained, technology continually evolves for our needs.

What used to be available only on physical stores for purchase or rental is now accessible on any screen. With apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video gaining popularity, good content has become more accessible to the general public.

As long as you have a subscription to these services, you get to access on-demand content anytime, anywhere.

However, not everyone has the luxury of paying for that monthly subscription. The thought of paying a monthly fee is one of the reasons why illegal streaming sites and their proxy sites have become popular among users as well.

But with fears of getting tracked while accessing these sites, some users are looking for free alternatives to streaming services. In this article, we’ll be showing you some of the best apps to watch free movies online.

6 Apps to Watch Free Movies Online

  1. Vudu

    If you haven’t heard of Vudu yet, you’re not the only one.

    The Walmart owned streaming service isn’t exactly a replacement for a Netflix or Hulu subscription. However, Vudu’s selection of free movies makes it an excellent choice as an entertainment alternative. With a few ads along the way, the streaming service could entertain you for hours, especially if you have kids at home.

    Compared to other streaming sites, Vudu offers more HD movies and newly released movies quicker than Netflix. But if you’re looking for original material, you’ll only find a small selection on Walmart’s streaming service. Aside from the free content, you could also purchase or rent them for a price comparable to iTunes.

    Vudu is available for iOS and Android devices.

  2. MX Player

    MX Player is a mobile video player app and over-the-top (OTT) streaming service that offers a wide array of content for its users.

    Before Time Internet’s purchase of the app in June 2018, MX Player was initially developed by the South Korean company J2 as a mobile video player app. After Time took over the app, it was relaunched as an OTT streaming service in February 2019.

    MX Player additionally offered 50,000 hours of India-specific content during its relaunch as an OTT. The content comes from MX Creators and partners, which include companies like Alt Balaji, TVF, Arre, and SonyLIV. What’s more, the content is offered in ten different languages, which include English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam.

    Aside from movies and TV shows, the app also offers music, news, and videos. It also lets you access your local media files. Make sure that you have given MX Player access to your local media files or else, the app will shut down.

    Similar to any free app, MX Player runs on ads. So don’t be too surprised if you will find a few of those once in a while. Despite this, MX Player is one great app to get for your device.

    MX Player download is available for devices running on iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.

  3. Crackle

    Another app that you might want to check out is Sony Crackle. According to CNET, this is one of the few legit apps that offer free streaming of movies, TV shows, and other video content. Ads support streaming apps like Crackle, so get ready to see a few of those in-between movies and TV episodes.

    Crackle offers users a good selection of content that ranges from movies, TV series, and some original content. However, it might not be a good idea to stream this on your HD monitor because Crackle only offers their selection in SD.

    One of the reviews also found it hard to navigate through the selection. The difficulty comes from the absence of a search function. If you’re looking for a specific title on Crackle, you’ll have to spend some time and effort looking through the different titles. Despite these minor issues, Crackle offers an excellent selection of content and fewer ads compared to other streaming services.

    Crackle is available for download in Android, iOS, and Windows. Some sites also offer an APK download of the streaming app.

  4. Kodi

    Initially developed for the Windows gaming console, this app was formerly known as Xbox Media Center. Kodi has now evolved into a free, open-source media player software that lets you do a ton of things.

    If you’ve been putting off the organization of your local media files, then Kodi is one app you should check out. Aside from letting you organize your files into a beautiful library, it also enables you to access these files on your other Kodi devices, anytime and anywhere.

    In addition to enjoying your personal collection of media files, Kodi also lets you install third-party add ons on it. The wide variety of add-ons include music, games, videos, programs, podcasts, and many more. Check out the Kodi website for a list of available add-ons.

    More advanced users could also personalize this open-source software to fit their preferences. Take a crack at customizing your Kodi interface or program your own add-on.

    Kodi is available for download for devices running on Android, Windows, OSX, Linux, and even Raspberry Pi. Unfortunately, Kodi is not available for iOS and Windows Phone. If you can’t get the app through any app distribution services, you could also try a manual Kodi APK download and installation.

  5. Tubi

    Tubi’s another app that offers a good selection of movies and TV shows for your next weekend binge. Like any app listed here, it is supported by advertising so that it can continue to offer free content. Users have to sit through unskippable ads that only last for about 15 to 30 seconds each.

    Tubi offers an impressive content library containing 7,500 movies and TV shows. The developers were able to clinch partnerships with big names like Paramount, Lionsgate, and MGM to come up with this selection.

    If you’re looking to watch newly released movies, you won’t find them in Tubi’s library. But if you’re more interested in the TV shows, you’ll find popular titles like Hell’s Kitchen and Duck Dynasty. To make your navigation convenient, Tubi has category filters to help you narrow down your choices from their library. You can even find a “Not on Netflix” category on that list.

    Unlike other apps, unfortunately, Tubi does not offer any live programming. You also have to watch their content only when there’s Internet access. Because unlike Netflix, Tubi does not allow the download of their content so that you could view it later.

    Tubi is available for download on your iOS and Android devices. It also has versions for your smart TV and other devices.

  6. Popcornflix

    Popcornflix is an OTT streaming service owned by Screen Media Ventures. The app was launched back in 2011 and is only available in the United States and Canada as of the moment.

    The app’s content library primarily streams independent feature films but also offers other content as well. According to a review, you’ll get some fairly decent selection of horror films and cult comedies on Popcornflix. The content they offer is only on SD and you might be a bit disappointed with the picture quality.

    Popcornflix is available for download on Android, iOS, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, Xbox, and other devices.

    If I missed any app that can download free movies, let me know in the comment box below.

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