6 Excellent Ways to Show Employee Recognition and Appreciation

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Let’s be honest: appreciated employees are happy employees. When employees know they are valued, their satisfaction and productivity levels increase. And satisfied employees are the backbone of any successful business.

Studies show that employee recognition is a critical factor affecting employee engagement and the organization’s performance.

Praising others for their excellent work keeps them motivated to maintain good work or go beyond their expectations.

If you are wondering how to show your trusted and hardworking employees the acknowledgment they deserve, you are at the right place.

We’ve put together a list of six excellent ways to show employee recognition and appreciation. Let’s begin!

6 Excellent Ways to Show Employee Recognition and Appreciation

  1. Foster creative outlets outside of work

    And foster them when no one expects a surprise treat! Introduce your staff to fun activities like workshops on cooking, pottery, or relaxation techniques, to show them how much you appreciate them.

    You want to make sure you selected an activity everyone will enjoy, so it’s best to propose several options and let your employees choose the preferred activity.

    Experiencing a new hobby and doing something fun and relaxing is a fantastic way to connect with your team members and show them gratitude.

  2. Deliver personalized rewards that are relevant to employees

    Rewarding your staff based on their individual interests and needs is one of the most impactful ways to express appreciation.

    Instead of giving away corporate gifts like gift cards, go with unique and special experiential rewards and gifts like a family photoshoot or coaching sessions. This meaningful and personalized recognition is shown to enhance long term engagement because it’s memorable and more personal.

  3. Throw a unique employee appreciation event

    These types of events are both motivating and exciting! Everyone likes their hard work to be appreciated and applauded, so events like these can be a great way to acknowledge your employees’ inherent value.

    Celebrating together when your team has met sales goals or a deadline for an important project is an excellent way to validate your helpful staff.

    To ensure your live event is a success, you will need experts in video, audio, staging, and lighting. Visit media-powerhouse.com for the best audio-visual and scenic solutions for your celebration.

    And sometimes, throwing a celebration just because, for a non-obvious reason can be the most fun. Picking a week or a day when your staff is having a hard time and struggling to get their tasks done can be perfect timing.

  4. Plan a catered lunch with fun activities afterward

    Creative rewards that are different and thought-out can go a long way in your team members’ appreciation and recognition.

    Provide a fun lunch experience followed by entertaining activities like joining a local walking tour or attending a concert. Explore venues and events in your local area to find the perfect match for your staff. This can be an exciting and rewarding experience since you get to discover new and fun things to do in your city and enjoy them with your employees.

    Events like these can build trust and connection while enhancing your staff’s wellbeing.

  5. Organize a field trip

    When it comes to taking a field trip, there are endless opportunities. You can sign up for a wine or brewery tour, visit a local museum or a botanical garden. This is a great way to get to know your community better, learn something new, and enjoy local attractions.

    Creating memorable moments for employees who are going above and beyond to ensure the company’s performance is impeccable shows acknowledgment and appreciation. It helps them enjoy their work more and encourages them to stay longer at the company. And knowing their work is valued it increases their productivity too.

  6. Embrace peer recognition and rewards

    Peer recognition can affect financial results even more than manager recognition. So, empower your team to acknowledge each other’s everyday wins and successes. You can introduce bonus points that can be exchanged for gift cards or other prizes for employees praised for doing a good job.

    This way, your workers can get frequent appreciation and the opportunity to be recognized immediately for their efforts. Public peer-to-peer recognition is invaluable in improving engagement and building trust and connection between employees, aside from letting them know their contribution is important and valued.

These types of rewards are great for showing your team members that the company is invested in their personal and professional growth. And they benefit both the workforce and your business.

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