6 Great conveyancing tips for a quick buy

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There are often many bridges to cross when it comes to buying property and conveyancing professionals can help buyers through these hurdles in order to facilitate a quick and successful deal.

Conveyancing can help you avoid wasting much time by doing what you need to do when you need to do it.

The following are some things you can do to avoid wasting too much time:

  1. Get financially equipped

    Finance is the biggest challenge in the buying process; it is all about the money anyway. Most of the holdup is usually with the mortgage lenders because they ideally prefer cash buyers.

    Therefore, if you are getting a mortgage, you should contact the lender and let it know you need a fast completion.

    If you are getting money from friends or family, the conveyance needs to find out whether the money is a gift or a loan and obtain important documents from them as well.

    You should contact your conveyance early to handle this extra documentation.

  2. Fax documents

    The movement of documents from the lenders to the conveyance can take quite some time. You could have the mortgage lender fax the documents to the conveyance to avoid wasting money and even time.

  3. Complete documents as fast as possible

    It is advisable to have everything in hand before you get the sale contract from the seller.

    Therefore, start working with your conveyance early to fill in the relevant forms and give your certified identification.

    You should also pay for searches early to get everything moving. The ideal situation should be that all your documents are ready and once the seller accepts your offer, signing the contract should be enough to seal the deal.

  4. Make enquiries fast

    Once you get the sale contract from the seller, sit down with your conveyance and discuss any inquires you need to make about it as soon as possible, especially if the inquiries base on the contract details.

    Be thorough with the contract; go over all the figures, clarifications on fixtures and fittings. Getting the questions out early gives the seller enough time to respond and obtain the relevant documents to back these claims from third parties. Read more at www.conveyancing24-7.com.

  5. Give your conveyance all the documents in advance

    Your conveyance will not be able to exchange contracts with the seller unless after filling of all the information, the contracts signed and the transfer and mortgage deeds attached.

    Conveyancers work with original documents and you may need to post these, which will take time. Getting them out in advance can help to speed up the conveyancing process.

  6. Chase the sellers solicitor

    Your conveyance is limited in action until they receive the sale contract, search results can take anything between one and three weeks while the seller may take a lot of time to answer to the inquiries made about the contract.

All these are time consuming hurdles in the conveyancing process. It is crucial to have a conveyance that is pushy enough to keep things moving with the other solicitor.

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