6 Important Factors That Will Help You Choose the Best Copier for Your Kind of Work

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As much as the world is evolving to a paperless generation, there are many offices that still use paperwork. Therefore, there is need to copy printed documents. The old standalone office copiers have almost gone extinct and the digital copiers has replaced them.

Most copiers now come with multifunctional features that combine many functions of printing, scanning, copying and faxing. Today’s copier can be defined as a normal printer that has an inbuilt scanning device that scans, copies and reproduces.

As the devices get smarter features than before, they also continue to decline in price. The convenience of copying in-house rather than giving your work to a print shop is now made possible for every company, whether big and small. These devices can now be owned or leased, for example the copier lease Houston, an open option provided to all people.

Factors to consider when choosing copiers for your use

  1. Do you want an inkjet or a laser?

    Laser/LED printers are generally best for high-speed copying of the test documents. Inkjets have the ability to print at much higher resolutions and are more suitable for graphics, especially photographs.

  2. How much do you want to spend?

    When looking at your budget, it is important to take into account the ongoing cost of consumables, especially if you plan to do more than just the occasional printing and copying.

    Manufacturers have become wise and realized the profits are not in the number of copiers they sell but on selling ink and toners.

    Most copiers today do not use any ink on toner cartridges that are not original. These original inks and toners are not cheap they can cost your company so much money, especially if no one is paying attention to what is being copied.

  3. What is the production volume?

    Your business should give you a rough idea of how heavy your volume is. Check your unit’s recommended usage – pages per month duty cycle. The yield for the toner/ ink cartridges will give you a rough idea of how often you need to replace them.

    Thinking of outsourcing bulk work to reliable companies may end up saving you some serious money. It is not cost-effective to do large volume printing on less expensive copiers, especially volume color printing or photographs.

  4. Do you want to use duplexing?

    Duplexing is the ability to copy on both sides of the paper. It is a highly desirable feature. Besides saving paper, it makes the professional two-sided printed material.

  5. What’s the copier’s connectivity?

    What connectivity do you desire to have your copier – USB, Wi-Fi or Wired? You can easily get a copier that supports cloud devices like mobile phones just in case you want to print from them.

  6. Do you want a colored copier or black and white?

    Color copying is much slower in its operations and more expensive than black and white copying. However, if you intend to buy a copier that produces promotional materials for your small business, you should probably consider the colored one.

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