6 Tips For Remodeling An Old Home For Cheap

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Older homes have a natural charm to them, however, they usually could use a bit of updating. One of the major hurdles that individuals face when deciding to remodel is the cost.

Remodeling your home can potentially cost thousands of dollars, but there are ways to bring some upgrades in without breaking your wallet.

Follow these six tips to make that old home into your ideal one on a budget.

6 Tips For Remodeling An Old Home For Cheap

  1. Shop Resale

    Shopping at resale stores can get you some great building materials at a significantly reduced price and sometimes these savings can be up to 50% off what you’d pay at a retail store.

    There are always deals out there for everything! All you have to do is find them.

    This is ideal for projects you are going to do yourself since some contractors require you to purchase materials through them for liability reasons.

  2. Pick Up Materials Yourself

    Delivery fees for materials that you need to remodel can cost hundreds of dollars, and these costs only continue to accumulate as you buy more.

    It’s cheaper to borrow a truck from someone you know or rent one than it is to pay someone to bring them to your home. By doing that you can save tons of money just on delivery. All of that heavy lifting is definitely well worth it.

  3. Make The Repairs Yourself

    Many home repairs can be done by the average person with some tools and a manual along with the many resources available on the Internet.

    Utilize the Internet and do some research before hiring a professional to do a basic job you might be perfectly capable of.

    See if you can do it yourself or know someone with expertise that will complete the project in your budget.

  4. Consider Imitations

    Imitation materials are designed to look like the more expensive look-alikes, but at a much cheaper price.

    This is a popular option to change your flooring, and many of companies’ offer these knock-offs in plank or tongue-and-groove flooring, which you can choose to install yourself to save even more money.

    Things like this are great because they can save you money and no one will be able to tell the difference.

  5. Shop Around for Contractors

    Some jobs, such as painting the exterior or putting up siding, are best left to the professionals to complete for safety reasons.

    Compare various contractors for supply and labor costs. Look for reputable companies such as Lifetime Exteriors with years of expertise to handle the exterior renovations.

  6. Focus On Energy Efficiency

    Energy efficient upgrades save you money endlessly, whether you’re upgrading to new appliances, installing new windows or putting in a programmable thermostat to regulate heating and air conditioning.

    Making your home more energy efficient can really help modernize your home. It can also help save you a lot of money on your bills over time.

Don’t be discouraged by the idea that home remodels need to break your bank. Low cost options can still make that old home look like it’s brand new! All you have to do is follow these few simple steps.

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