6 Tips How To Communicate Clearly With Project Team

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Effective communication binds all the members of your team together. It enables you as project manager to have both individuals and the team to achieve organizational goals.

As a leader, you know that you are in the position of helping your team to achieve their individual goals as well as the goal of the project.

Several constructive attitudes form the foundation for successful communication:

  1. Good human relationships

    This simply means getting along well with people. It is essential to effective leadership. Constructive communication, both written and verbal, takes into account the principles of good human relationships.

    Respect and consideration for others are essential to good human relationships. If you want others to listen to you, you must listen to them. If you want to be treated courteously, you must exhibit courtesy. Essentially you can create a two-way street where the channel of communication is always open.

  2. Mutual understanding

    You need mutual understanding for achieving results through communication and persuasion. It requires a genuine effort to see things from the point of view of others especially your team members. Understanding earns the confidence of your team, paves the way for acceptance of your message, and increases the likelihood of a positive response.

  3. Express not Impress

    Express your ideas or thoughts accurately and clearly. Avoiding to impress your team members is a key attitude to more effective communication and persuasion. Concentrate primarily on your message and delivering it effectively. Try to meet the needs of your team instead of thinking about yourself and the impression you are making.

  4. The right timing

    For the most positive results, choose the right timing for communicating each bit of information to your team members. Learn and practice that there is a time for silence and a time for speech.

  5. Communication as a process

    Written or verbal communication is a process that involves a sender, a receiver, and the message itself. Effective communication brings about a mutual understanding between you and your team members about the message.

  6. The constancy of communication

    Communication involves more than spoken or written words. As a project manager, you are constantly communicating. Even doing nothing tends to convey a powerful message. Be sensitive to your teams’ emotions, movements, facial expressions, personality, and other factors making up the total message.

In a Nutshell
As a project manager, you enjoy the keen satisfaction of knowing you are helping others to achieve their goals while you reach the already set-up goals of the project.

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