6 Ways To Make Your Business Card Look Perfect

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Even in today’s digital world, the popularity of business cards has not faded off. No matter if a company is small, midsized, or a large one, the use of business cards is very common in all of them.

In day to day business activities, the business cards serve great purpose. For example, when you dole out a business card to your potential customers or clients, it works as a good marketing strategy. Every time your clients see your business card, it will remind them of your services and products.

In the world of business cards, there are dozens of options available. These cards are not all the same in looks and design. The paper on which these cards are printed also varies in terms of quality. Plus, there are different types of printers available too.

So, there are different options available.

To help you choose one, let us provide some highly useful tips.

How to come up with an impressive business card?

  1. The first time you should keep in mind is your business; the business card selected by you should represent your brand. In this regard, the shape, color, texture, and font of texts used in the business card matter a lot. There are options available like embossed fonts, glossy finish, card stock, etc.

    Bold typographic designs are quite vogue in these days.

    If you are a lawyer then you should go for a design which features a perforated line right through the mid section of the card. So, decide the design after careful consideration.

  2. Incorporating standard details like your company’s name, your name, your role/position in the company, you email address, phone number, and physical address is quite necessary.

    For those who are associated with the digital world, they should definitely include details like Twitted handle, LinkedIn, etc. In fact, the use of QR code in the business cards is also getting popular.

  3. The next aspect that matters is the size of your business card. Most of the organizations opt for standard size cards, because it is easier to store them in wallets and rolodex.

    Nevertheless, if you want to make a different impression in the mind of your customers or clients, you certainly have to look for unique sizes. But, make sure the size is not unusually large.

  4. After size, you have to pay attention to the shapes. In this regard, there is no dearth of creative options. In case you are a creative firm or start-up, you should definitely make your business card look unique in the crowd. You must have seen that advertisement companies usually incorporate a lot of creativity in their business cards.

  5. When you include a photo in your business card, it can turn out to be a great way to showcase your personality. In addition, it will also provide a glimpse of your brand. In order to make the photo look more attractive, you can make use of Instagram filters.

    However, if you are ready to spend a little more, you can hire the services of business card makers, as they can edit your photo to something really impressive.

  6. We have often seen that people do not get anything printed on the back side of their business card. Well, the backside of a business card can be quite a good space for using a QR code. You can also use some interesting graphic to make the card look more appealing.

So, those were some of the points one should keep in mind at the time of selecting their business card and its design. Even though it takes some money to hire a professional designer, but the result you get in return can be much more significant.

In fact, investing smartly on your business card can provide good returns. Rather than using some cheap design and saving a bit of money, you should go for professional business card printing servicing provider.

The professional designers and printing companies can deliver impeccable results, which in turn can make you feel more confident while handing out the business card to your clients or customers.

The right blend of colors, perfect selection of shape & size, and the most suitable texture according to the nature of the business- these are the three things you should never forget. They are the prime ingredients of a super looking business card.

Before you hire someone, it is important to pay attention to the experience of the business card maker and the price they charge for their services. Experienced card makers know how to design a card within a set budget, and according to the expectations of the client.

So, do not forget to check out the reviews and ratings before making a decision. Plus, also take a good look at the online portfolio of the company.

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