6 Ways Your House is Stealing Your Money

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Most homeowners lose money to their homes daily without realizing that it’s happening right under their noses.

Inefficiency, defects and damage cause most of this loss.

Below are six sneaky ways your house may be draining your bank account, and some solutions for fixing them:

6 Ways Your House is Stealing Your Money

  1. Gaps create fluctuating temperatures

    An old or damaged roof or attic and gaps around windows and doors allow cool, AC-generated air to seep out during hot months. In winter, hot air seeps out and cold air flows in. Any attempts you make to create a comfortable temperature increase energy consumption.

    Solution: Perform a yearly evaluation, after-storm checks, and regular maintenance. Also, insulate and seal gaps.

  2. Poorly maintained HVAC systems struggle

    An HVAC system that hasn’t been cleaned recently or checked for damage and defects runs less efficiently. Dirty ducts block airflow and dirty or non-working systems overheat, causing the system to run slower. Again, energy consumption increases as you attempt to maintain the thermostat temperature.

    Solution: Clean, inspect and repair your system yearly.

  3. Leaking faucets cause water loss

    Everyone knows that leaking pipes cause water loss, higher bills and expensive repairs. On the other hand, many people don’t realize that a faucet that drips only two times a minute causes approximately 69 gallons of water loss yearly.

    Solution: Repair or replace the faucet through a company like Rakeman Plumbing.

  4. Sprinklers use too much water

    Holes in hoses or attached water lines cause water loss. Traditional sprinkler designs also work inefficiently by spraying a lot of water into the air on lawns and gardens where it then collects on grass blades and leaves and mostly evaporates on hot days before reaching plant roots. Manual sprinkler management also results in accidental water loss.

    Solution: Check hoses and lines regularly for holes. Replace traditional sprinklers with timer-style drip irrigation that controls the amount of water used through steady drips at ground level on an automatic schedule.

  5. Old wires waste energy

    Old systems incompatible with modern technology and wires too small for strong power draw cause higher power consumption. Older wires also leak energy.

    Solution: Upgrade old wiring to modern, energy-efficient systems.

  6. Energy vampires suck up power

    Personal and business electronics, including chargers, hibernating computers, TVs and cable boxes, draw power even when you’re not using them.

    Solution: Unplug unused electronics or install outlet timers that turn off devices at preset times or block electrical access.

Your house may have components that are costing you money, you can save a lot and lower expensive future emergency repairs by making these changes today!

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