7 Best Weekend Getaways In England

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With so many beautiful cities scattered across the countryside, it would be foolish to visit England and stay in one place. So many things await you on the weekend adventure throughout this country.

Stories, cities, beautiful beaches, and culinary delights that you can’t find anywhere else are just some among many others.

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Every American was thinking at some point to visit the UK and here today we will provide you with 7 amazing cities that you can visit and enjoy for a great weekend getaway.

  1. Try The Best Of The UK In Birmingham

    7 Best Weekend Getaways In England 2

    The second largest city in England with magnetizing party energy to prove why Birmingham Christmas parties are so popular. Cruise down a canal, buy delicious chocolates from the largest Cadbury shop in the world and see where J.R.R. Tolkien picked up some inspiration for his books. This City is still the beating heart of Industrial England and starting your journey from this place might prove to be the best way to get to know the true English soul. With so many shops and galleries, as well as events happening every day you will fall in love with this otherwise not so popular tourist attraction and maybe stay a few days more.

  2. Of course, The London City

    7 Best Weekend Getaways In England 3

    No trip to England would be complete without a visit to the capital. It’s the vibrant center of the country, full of culture, history and iconic landmarks known throughout the world. “The Big Smoke” is frantic and full of life, and that is part of the cosmopolitan charm of London. Do not forget to bring the camera, because the city is full of places to photograph. Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the London Eye, and Trafalgar Square are within walking distance of each other. Also, the Tower of London, Hyde Park, and all the famous London museums are a short subway ride away. And the wonderful shops and the gastronomic offer of the first category? Well, those are issues that could occupy another huge article…

  3. Academic Epicentre That Is Oxford

    7 Best Weekend Getaways In England 4

    So you’ve toured London and you’ve faced the subway, how about a change of pace and landscape? Just an hour away by train, Oxford could not be more different. The best way to see this beautiful and old university city is to navigate the river in a small traditional wooden boat. You do not need oars for it; instead, you will use a large stick to propel you downstream. It’s called “punting,” and you just have to experience the serenity feeling of sailing downstream in such inspirational surrounding.

  4. Enjoy the Seaside In Brighton

    7 Best Weekend Getaways In England 5

    Brighton is the mecca of style. Young and modern people have been flocking to this coastal city for some time. If you take a walk through The Lanes, you can shop at vintage clothing stores, rummage through record stores or second-hand books, and find local craft bargains. Then you can sit in a bakery-cafeteria before a steaming cup of coffee and a piece of cake. Once you have visited the art galleries, take a picture of the beautiful Brighton Pavilion and see the sea creatures of Sea World. You can stroll along the beach and have a look at the iconic pier, but beware of the gulls that like to steal food and ruin beautiful pictures that you will try to take.

  5. The Charm Of Cambridge

    7 Best Weekend Getaways In England 6

    Missed the opportunity to sail in Oxford? Do not worry, the banks of Cambridge are also full of these wooden boats to travel around the city in style. Absorb the academic spirit of the prestigious University of Cambridge, which uses the entire city as its campus. There are 31 schools scattered throughout the city, hidden in spectacular postcard landmarks that give Cambridge its English atmosphere par excellence. Who wouldn’t like to have afternoon tea in one of the charming and so well known teahouses of this city?

  6. Travel Back In Time While In Windsor

    7 Best Weekend Getaways In England 7

    Where does the queen spend time when she gets tired of Buckingham Palace? In Windsor, of course! This beautiful little city, on the banks of the River Thames, has been almost forgotten by time. The majestic Windsor Castle observes its immense park and opens its doors to visitors who wonder what the interior of the Queen’s weekend house looks like. The cobbled streets meander past the castle walls, marking the way to charming pubs, through royal shopping arcades, and restaurants on the banks of the river. We are not sure how the queen spends her time here, but a visit to a candy store, which offers free samples, should be on everyone’s agenda.

  7. Enjoy the Sun in Bournemouth

    7 Best Weekend Getaways In England 8

    Enjoy the spectacular British coastline with a visit to the eleven kilometers of sandy beach of Bournemouth. As one of the sunniest cities in England, this picturesque seaside town is the perfect place to try New Forest ice cream (you just have to try it!) or its greasy but famous fish and chips. Surfers put on the suit! This fabulous beach is the first artificial reef in Europe to practice surfing. It also has stunning views and there are plenty of fashionable bars and crowded clubs to party until dawn.

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