7 Boring Tips to Get the Job of Your Dreams

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In this lousy job market, a job of your dreams? Are you kidding me? Don’t get annoyed. There are some folks out there who can still find a job of their dreams. You are no exception. You just need to be reminded continuously from time to time. This is the second attempt in that direction. It may not be the right direction though. You be the judge.

  1. Identify your ideal career

    Experts say: “Identify your ideal career”. I say: “Say what?”

  2. Develop a powerful resume

    Learn how to develop a powerful resume that effectively markets your skills and accomplishments.

    Concentrate on writing resume so it will get you an interview with a potential employer. It will not get you a job, only an interview.

    However, whatever you write, you must be able to back it up in the interview.

  3. Be effective salesman to present your services

    Act like a salesman. You are selling your services. Identify your unique attributes and present them to your potential employer.

  4. Practice interview Q&A

    Think about questions and answers that can be asked in the interview, your soft skills and your hard skills. Your resume lands you an interview, but your interview gets you the job.

  5. Manage your professional behavior

    Be on your best behavior when you are posting resume online as well as cover letter. Act as a professional when writing comments or sending emails.

  6. Use conventional & unconventional methods

    You don’t have to follow only the traditional way for searching job. Consider online career portfolios, video resumes and background checks.

  7. Stay educated and stay connected

    Keep learning. Any job, after a while, becomes routine. Don’t get stuck in it for too long. Refresh your knowledge by going back to school.

    At least take a few courses to broaden your horizon. Continue working on your hard as well as soft skills.

In a Nutshell
There are many more ways to apply to your particular case to get a job of “your dreams.”

Motivate yourself. It gets harder and harder to get a job if you are out of work for a couple of years. In that case, go back to school. Change your field if you have to.

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