7 Budget Friendly Home Improvement Upgrades

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You’re ready to start a home improvement project. The problem? Your budget isn’t. No worries! There are plenty of budget-friendly ways to upgrade your home without rupturing your cash flow. And you can do it all in the comfort and style Canadians demand.

7 Budget Friendly Home Improvement Upgrades

  1. Paint

    No home improvement project revamps a home for less time or money than fresh paint. Try a lighter color palette for a brighter ambiance. Choose three versions of the same hue and apply them to an accent wall and trim.

  2. Entranceway

    Canadian Comfort, maker of fine Ottawa doors, reminds us that a new door is an inexpensive way to add both value and curb appeal. Because a shabby door can make your home look rundown, switch it out for a new color or style that will make the entranceway stand out in an inviting manner.

  3. Storage

    Nothing creates chaos and robs peace of mind more than disorder in your home. Home improvement and dollar stores offer a wide array of options for attractive storage, and the costs are minimal.

  4. Lighting

    Added lighting can effectively lighten your home and brighten your life. Try some up-lighting in your kitchen to create a sense of depth, or mini-pendant lights above the island for a feeling of radiant elegance that will update its appearance without much effort or cash.

  5. Flooring

    Today’s tile and vinyl flooring comes in so many styles that are a cost efficient means of transforming a room. Or, for something completely new, use floor paint in a kitchen or entranceway to pull the whole room together.

  6. Window treatments

    Just like paint, changing out a room’s window treatments can give it a whole new inspiration. If your windows currently contain heavy drapes that block the light, opt for blinds or shades that will update the room’s appearance and let the sunshine in.

  7. Rearrange the furniture

    You might not even have to spend any money at all! Try a simple furniture rearrangement to give a room a whole new life. Then add a little artwork or incorporate one or more of the above suggestions, such as fresh paint or storage, to totally update the environment.

It’s about style; it’s about warmth; it’s about elegance. If your home’s not up to your usual standards of splendor and beauty, you don’t have to break the bank to transform it.

Try one of these budget-friendly home improvement projects, and watch your home go from dull to dazzling … without making your wallet cry!

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