7 Great Small-Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas

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Although it has often been overlooked and even proclaimed dead, Australia’s manufacturing sector somehow managed to survive the challenging times of crisis.

These days, the future seems much brighter. According to Sue Morphet, Chairman of Manufacturing Australia, over the course of next couple of years, manufacturing sector should produce as much as 100,000 new jobs.

Here are a couple of ideas you can use to take advantage of this manufacturing resurgence, put your skills to good use, and start your own small business.

  1. Furniture Manufacturing

    Furniture Manufacturing

    The great thing about this type of business is that you can make your first steps by manufacturing smaller pieces using nothing but the tools you probably already have.

    Once you establish a stable income flow you can hire additional manpower and invest in more expensive power tools like circular saws, power drills, etc.

    As the time goes by, you can develop a process to manufacture more furniture on a larger scale. Until you get a handle on it, you can focus on a narrower niche, such as nursery furniture.

  2. Cold-Pressed Juice Production

    Craft Beer Production

    According to a report published by Euromonitor, Australians’ health concerns are driving changes in food and beverage preferences, a tendency which motivates more and more manufacturers to focus on health and wellness products.

    Cold-pressed juices are definitely a phenomenon worth paying attention to.

    To start this business, you will need the right equipment (a quality blender or a commercial juice press), bottles and labels, and of course – fresh raw fruits.

  3. A Jewellery Making Business

    Jewellery Making Business

    The market is overcrowded with factory-line produced jewellery, and everyone seems to be wearing the same pieces.

    This is the reason behind the latest craze about handmade jewellery.

    If you have talent, and some unique ideas, you can easily tap into this market.

    Again, it is always better to start with narrow niche – e.g. make jewellery for mothers’ based on their kids’ drawings or create nerd-inspired items for the growing superhero audience.

  4. Clothing Production

    Similarly to the previous entry, unique clothing is very appreciated, especially among younger people who seek a new way to express their personalities.

    If you want to know how to use a sewing machine and begin manufacturing clothes, you can always start with tailored sewing and make your clothing line later.

  5. Candle Making

    If you’re in search for a really low-cost business idea that you can start from your home, you should try your luck with candle making.

    A small-scale candle making business can meet the demand for scented candles for homes, offices and gifts. With some hard work and marketing, you can later move on to spas and hotels, and expand your production to scented sticks and essential oils.

  6. Children’s Toys

    If you are skilled with your hands and have a great imagination, you can turn those gifts into profit by manufacturing kids’ toys.

    Some of the things you can make are electronic toys, kites, books, balloons, educational toys, soft toys, sponge toys and wooden toys.

    Just remember not to try to compete with the big players here – a unique idea, no matter how simple it is, is always better than a poor copy.

  7. Craft Beer Production

    The boom of microbreweries in Australia is a result of changes in customer demands. They’re no longer satisfied with the same beers, and they’re looking for more complex and unique flavours. Are you the one who can give them what they want?

    To start this business, you will need brewing equipment that includes a barrel system, kegs, kettles, boilers, conveyors, bottling, canning lines, fermentation tanks, storage tanks, piping and tubing, waste treatment systems, refrigeration gear, labelling machines, filters, and, once you expand – industrial UV water treatment systems that will protect the beer from threatening microorganisms.

Starting a manufacturing business does carry some risk, but these small-scale investments can prove to be very profitable, especially because of the growing consumers’ demand.

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