7 Guidelines to Buying the Best Hand Bag: All Ladies Must Read This

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Don’t you feel like you are on top of the world when you are carrying the most attractive handbag, designer or otherwise?

Handbags are the most important accessories to ladies and you will admit that walking around without a handbag feels like you are a missing limb.

Unfortunately, most ladies go for a handbag’s appearance and forget other elements that make a handbag phenomenal.

To ensure that you have an adorable handbag that gives you true value for your money, you should consider the following factors:

  1. Size

    A handbag intended to carry more that makeup and a few necessities will be smaller than one you would need to pack extra work stuff.

    The size also determines which outfit you will wear while carrying the bag. Some outfits can only be worn and accessorized with small bags yet other clothes and even body sizes demand carrying bigger bags.

    Your taste also matters because you know that there are individuals who can’t stand very big or small handbags. You should choose a bagthat accentuates your body shape, always.

  2. Use

    Will you use the handbag daily or occasionally? How will the bag look after carrying it three times? The use also determines the color. A white bag isn’t suitable for almost daily use.

  3. Quality

    Besides design, material and color, you should also have a high quality bag. This is the bag that will give you value for the money spent on the bag. The quality of a handbag is seen in how it is sown.

    A good quality bag has equidistant stitching, good quality hardware, tough and excellent stitching around the corners, it has good zippers, a tear proof lining and well hugging bindings.

    These qualities ensure that the bag you buy lasts a long time and you won’t be embarrassed because of weak handles. You must consider these qualities keenly when buying wholesale handbags.

  4. Ease of cleaning

    Have you ever bought a bag that caught a slight stain that couldn’t come off, or one that would be destroyed if cleaned? Well, you do not want this to happen to you again.

    When buying the bag that will be literally carrying your life, you will have to ensure that the material which the bag is made of will not have the messes and dirt of life stuck on the surface permanently.

  5. Strength of the material

    When checking the quality of the bag, you should ascertain that the bag will carry the weight of your life’s possessions that will be thrown into the bag. A strong bag lasts a lifetime.

  6. Color

    Well, you will be carrying that handbag to most places you go. If you are working with a tight budget, then it is important to go for neutral colors and nudes that will match most of your outfits.

  7. Carrying options

    Will you be carrying the handbag on your wrist and/or shoulders? How comfortable are the carriage straps? Carriage means is determined by the design, length and strength of the straps.

In conclusion, a handbag should be able to carry all your items and literally your life. If you lose your bag, you will probably lose most of your possessions, whichmeans that a lady’s handbag is very important and you should only buy the best bag affordable to you.

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