7 Key Advantages of Court Reporting in Real Time

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Technological advancements have taken the job of a court reporter to new heights. With a variety of improved tools, you are able to accurately translate and transcribe faster than ever before.

This has made it possible to have better real time reporting in court. Today, you can retrieve data and stream it online, which in turn eliminates the need for participants to be in one place.

  • What is real-time reporting really?

    As a court reporter, whenever you type out the legal proceedings, you do so in stenographer’s shorthand. Real time court reporting translates this shorthand to the English that everyone can easily read.

    By linking a computer, phone or tablet to your computer, the translation is displayed having been translated by use of software that is specialized for this purpose. This means that the testimony can be ready in just a matter of seconds for analysis or storage for future reference.

  • Advantages of real-time reporting

    1. Instant availability of reporting transcripts

      This is a huge advantage because those who need the transcripts do not have to wait. You capture the information, store it and avail it immediately. This also means that you can provide final transcripts within a shorter time.

    2. Instantly view and share case information

      With this new technology, you are able to link presentations and demonstrative evidence to the transcript as well. This means that those reading the transcript can also view the related evidence.

      You are also able to copy and paste, email and even fax the transcripts to others who may be involved in the said case.

    3. Video integration

      If you would like to also integrate videos of the proceedings, you may do so. This helps you in assessing demeanor or credibility when playing back, especially if the location was remote.

    4. Annotations and notes

      With real-time reporting, you are able add annotations and notes which make it easy to access key information and indexes that may be unique to the case you are working on.

      As part of court reporting, you will be expected to create unique terms and indexes ahead of time.

      Whenever a keyword is mentioned, you can easily and quickly note or mark it in the transcript. This is valuable to the legal team.

    5. Easy search

      One of the benefits of real-time reporting is the fact that one can quickly and easily search the transcript for keywords. With transcripts being so easy to search, the main summaries can quickly be assembled and shown to those interested.

    6. Impeaching live testimony

      When you are typing and the machine is giving live transcripts, it becomes easy for the attorney to have remote access and request further clarifications or even challenge issues. This means that secondary depositions are eliminated.

    7. Time code synchronization

      Whenever there is need to find an exact time in a video of the court proceedings, the transcript which carries the written proceedings can help because of time code synchronization. This means that it is easy to find and locate particular information as it is needed.

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