7 Key Factors for a Great Startup Party

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One of the great ways to do some quality team building is to make interesting and fun company events. The better they are, the more fun will your employees have.

Furthermore, if you give them something to brag about to their friends, it will influence your company in a good way and build a good reputation.

Also, it will attract more talent to your company and make your recruitment process easier. To achieve all that, you need to figure out how to organize an awesome party.

Here are some things to think about.

    7 Key Factors for a Great Startup Party1

  1. Determine the Party Goal

    Once you figure out if you are doing some team building, promoting a product or announcing something, half of your planning will be done. Some of those choices will render some venues or party themes unusable, so it will easier to plan.

  2. Have that Food and Drinks Ready

    A lot of your budget should be directed toward getting quality food and drinks. Hire a company that does catering and make sure they have a good reputation.

    It’s unlikely that someone will suddenly become your client just because of the food at your party, but if it’s bad, it will speak volumes about your business. Therefore, make sure it’s decent and don’t skimp on catering.

  3. Take Care of the “Just in Case” Scenarios

    If you want everybody to have fun and relax, you need to get all those ‘just in case’ things covered. This means, you need to organize a ride home for everybody. Otherwise, most of the people will drink just sparkling water.

    Also, if you’re having a pool party, make sure that there are some inflatable toys that the non-swimmers can use. Spare bathing suits and towels are also something you need to have ready.

  4. Get Proper Entertainment

    If it’s a DJ, make it a good one. If you opt for live music, you need a cool band that’s not pretentious, but still has their own stuff besides the famous tunes.

    If you’re not sure, let somebody who knows a thing or two choose a band for you. Music is not the whole of entertainment. Organize bingo, karaoke, funny races or even a trivia quiz.

  5. Small Perks Will Get You a Long Way

    It’s the details and the little things that separate a great party and a fantastic party. If you’re having an outdoor event on a hot, summer day, rent a mobile coolroom for a day. It means endless supplies of ice, cold drinks and even fresh fruits throughout the day.

    Have a photo booth and invite people to get their picture taken or have a professional barmen and baristas to make people amazing cocktails or coffees.

  6. 7 Key Factors for a Great Startup Party4

  7. Choose a Great Venue

    Depending on your party theme, choose a venue that will offer all the features needed. For example, you need a conference hall if you’re about to show slide shows. Your best bet is a classy hotel.

    If you’re about to make an outdoor event, do it by the pool at one of the local venues. Rent a cool pub for a trivia quiz and have that authentic experience.

  8. Bring on the Personal Touches into Invites

    It’s not that easy to strike that chord when it comes to amount of friendliness at the workplace. Too much means trying too hard and it easily comes across as artificial friendliness.

    Therefore, make an effort to learn some important details about the people you’re inviting and make sure that they know you care. For example, don’t add ‘plus one’, write: ‘Feel free to bring Tom and the kids!’

Make sure that you advertise your party in advance, especially if you’re organizing it at a distant venue or during the weekend. Your employees should get a chance to put it into their schedules and plan for it. In that way, your party will be well visited and people will be prepared for it.

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