7 Quick Tips that will Save You Money on Your Smartphone Bill

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Staying in touch with the latest technology is great, but be sure to stay in touch with the best ways to save money as well. Bills are not the nicest of things to have to deal with so don’t let them be more than they should be!

No one likes bills regardless of what they are for and it is those that can be unforeseen expenses that you need to look out for. Smartphones are an amazing move in the world of technology, but can be quite pricey on a monthly basis.

There are a few things that you can do, or at least take into consideration in order to keep your bills down. The best thing you can do is keep an eye on how much data you are using.

Onavo Extend is a mobile app that gives you the ability to monitor your data usage accurately. You can use this to get a breakdown of the data you have used and do your own analysis to see which apps are using more than others. This will enable you to manage what you use a lot easier with the knowledge to keep your usage down. It is also free for iPhones and Android as an added bonus.

A tip that a lot of smartphone users are already adhering to is to use Wi-Fi whenever you can. Network providers are making this easier by advertising their own ‘hot spots’ for their customers and therefore saving your data usage if you use these as much as you can.

Using Wi-Fi means the apps or internet connection you want will be quicker as well, which is great. You can find where these hot spots are online according to your service provider or you can use the free apps available to find out such as Wi-Fi Finder for Android.

Android users can already benefit from having a built-in system which gives users the information they need to manage the data you use. It also tells the user which apps are using more data than others.

Avoid streaming where you can – this uses a lot of data. Using Netflix or YouTube will use a huge amount of data so avoiding these sites is beneficial for your bill. If you want to use these sites, then try to wait for that hot spot to come about first. Go online for loads of information and to find out more information on wireless internet.

Location apps and GPS use a lot of data in the same way; they are constantly streaming in effect to keep up with you and can drain your battery as well as your data. Be wary of these apps and disable them if you are not using them.

Make use of the functions that come with your smartphone. Your device can automatically shut down between times that you select and whilst it is in shutdown mode, it is not sending and receiving data; doing this at night can be really useful for your bill.

Switching off your wireless when you’re not using your device will save on battery power and unwanted data usage. Smartphones are very smart and in keeping with this, are always sending and receiving data to keep you in the loop. When you don’t need this or don’t want to be disturbed, consider your bill as well and switch it off.

Technology has come a long way in recent years meaning that everyone can benefit from having a smartphone. They are fantastic for personal use and work keeping you in touch with everything as you need to know it.

Don’t let your smartphone get out of hand! Keep an eye on your data usage and make sure that you do not end up with a huge bill that you cannot afford or were not expecting.

The steps you need to take are really easy to do and simple at the same time so make sure you stay ahead of the game and switch off when you don’t need or are not using your devices.

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