7 Tips For Running A Successful Tutoring Business in Singapore

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As one of Asia’s cosmopolitan city, Singapore has a big population comprising of various nationalities. Children from all homes going to school are expected to pass.

Even though the teaching and learning systems promote learning, not all students learn at the same speed or learn well in big crowds. This necessitates tutoring.

There are tutoring businesses for all courses, subjects, languages, and education levels.

To run a successful tutoring business, you should keep in mind and follow the following tips:

  1. Hire proficient tutors

    Anyone with a high school or college education can claim to teach and offer the best tuition services, but you can’t take their word for it. To avoid negative reviews and loss of trust from parents, you should vet education details, employment history, recommendations, and criminal history.

    Driving license information is important in getting the information. In other cases, you can involve relevant government like immigration.

  2. Let the parents choose tutors

    If a parent is looking for a tutor even a university student, it is better when the student gets to pick their tutor. For this to happen, you should have a website that either parents or students can log in, check the listed tutors, and select the one they prefer. This reduces the blame on your shoulders if things don’t work out. This is why vetting is crucial.

  3. Don’t limit your services

    To reach a wider market, you should have a wide variety of services and tutors. Offering tuition services to primary, secondary, JC, IB, IC, and university subject levels will bring more students, parents, and tutors to your site. You should also have tutors for humanities, sciences, and languages.

    Tutors to guide students through different examinations should also be available. Local and international examinations can be challenging to students.

  4. Use locations

    For effectiveness and convenience, a private tutor located around the client is important. A tutor should always indicate their location and the areas they are comfortable to offer their services at. This will help a tutor in keeping time and scheduling tuition classes.

  5. Affordable services

    The cost of education is high and tutors are also expensive. However, to run a successful tuition agency, your rates should be fair to the parents, students, and the tutors. Avoid including contract and agency fees. These two send people away.

    SmileTutor agency charges competitive market rates that suit all families

  6. Online and offline marketing

    With a business set up, you must have clients to keep the business running. The primary way of doing this is making noise or rather, marketing. Online marketing on social media will help in building a portfolio and getting more clients.

    Offline marketing, though a hit and miss strategy, can be implemented to reach parents or international students. Check out the classifieds sections to find your first clients and students.

  7. Referrals

    Ask your existing students and parents to refer your services to others for a discount on their side. Referral fees help in getting more customers.

In conclusion, free phone consultation, self-fill forms, and a website with details about the subject of interest will help you in reaching your target market.

There are various tutors around Singapore, but you should consider offering high quality and extensively comprehensive services to your clients for higher retention and recommendations.

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Sylvia Hoffman is a private tutor in Singapore offering tutoring in math and sciences. She is a partner in a tuition agency. Read her profile to learn more and to access the website.

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