7 Ways to Prevent Common Accidents and Protect Your Small Business

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If you are running a small business (or a business of any size), it is critically important to minimize the chance of accidents in the workplace, whether these involve your staff or your customers.

Any work related accidents can not only disrupt your business but also cost you quite a packet. They may also lead to claims being made against you for negligence.

Here are 7 steps that you can take to keep your workplace as safe as possible:

7 Ways to Prevent Common Accidents and Protect Your Small Business

  1. Prevent electrical malfunctions

    Any laxity in proper maintenance of electrical parts and non-adherence to standards and safety precautions lead to short circuits and dire consequences from them as both men and material get affected adversely. Keep your maintenance staff active 24/7 to ensure quick resolution of any problems.

  2. Avoid fire hazards

    Fire, if allowed to spread, is a devastating danger to men and material. Ensure all fire safety standards are met and everyone follows fire safety instructions diligently. A fire drill must become a part of the daily routine for all employees who should be able to identify potential fire hazards and take preventive action.

  3. Avoid damage caused by water

    Leaking water could cause corrosion of metallic parts leading to malfunction of machines and could impose heavy costs in repairs and loss of production. Keep the work place absolutely spick and span without any leakage whatsoever.

  4. Prevent slips and falls

    According to U. S. Department of Labor, slips, trips and falls make up 15% of all accidental deaths per year. This statistic alone should give you a wakeup call to take precautions wherever necessary to ensure no slips, trips and falls occur due to your negligence. You should use adequate and proper signage to inform the workforce about wet floors, low ceilings, unmarked stairs and the like to prevent any mishaps.

    If you don’t take adequate precautions to prevent slips and falls in your business, you can very easily find yourself on the receiving end of a large claim, advises Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, who specialize in slip and fall accident claims.

  5. Protect from hazardous chemicals

    Hazardous chemicals can cause bodily harm. Ensure proper training to personnel handling hazardous chemical so that they follow the set standards of handling hazardous chemicals in the workplace.

  6. Maintain stairways properly

    Stairways are potential hazards for slips, trips and falls. Maintain stairways properly with reflective stickers, proper and adequate lighting and suitable handrails.

  7. Lighting

    Good lighting is a prerequisite for minimizing accidents. Good lighting allows the workforce to perform their tasks competently and safely. With good lighting, they can also see any warning messages and avoid accidents.

It is for the health of your business that you must awaken your conscience and take steps to protect the workforce from getting injured at the workplace due to any negligence on the part of your administrative and maintenance personnel. This would ensure an accident free environment at the workplace.

Remember that the workplace is an interconnected resource full of people and machinery guided by well documented systems and procedures. Any malfunctioning or disruption in one place has the potential to disrupt equipment and people in other places upsetting the whole system. Thus, it is in your interest to see that everyone follows the mandatory systems and procedures created for a safe and secure workplace.

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