7 Ways To Promote Your Blog

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Blogs have come a long way. They are not only used as personal journals but big and small corporations keep in touch with their customers as well. Online marketers also use niche targeting blogs to review or sell products and services. The following are easy but effective methods to promote your blog and reach new visitors.

  1. Join discussion forums that are related to your blog

    Forum traffic is very effective way of promoting your blog. Do a simple search on your favorite search engine and find forums related to your niche. Sign up, read rules for the forum and add your blog in signature and start posting on suitable subjects.

    Also every forum have a resource box where you can place link to your blog. You can ask others to review it. Avoid Spamming or you will get banned. Participate in discussion forums to promote your website.

  2. Comment on blogs especially the ones related to yours

    Find bloggers that write on the same or related subjects as you do and comment on their articles with your link. Two of the more popular blog platforms, namely WordPress and Blogger, allow placing links inside the comment box.

  3. Submit your site to blogs directory

    Blogs are becoming more and more popular each day. There are many blog directories and you should add your site on as many of these directories as you can. Here is a directory list that you can submit your blog to.

  4. Submit articles related to your content

    Article marketing is still a powerful way to get targeted visitors to your blog. Write articles related to your business and send them to article directories.

    Make sure you do not send same article to many directories, 10 at the most, lest it will be rated as duplicate content. It will be rejected. Even if it passes the forum admin’s verification, it will not drive too much traffic. Promote your website by submitting articles to directories.

  5. Submit your posts to social websites

    Social sites are a very good way to get visitors on your blog. It may very well turn out to be a very easy and effective promotion method. Submit your written post and watch visitors coming to your blog.

    If you have good quality and interesting content, then you will eventually see success. The following is a small list of social networks you can register with.

  6. Post new articles frequently on your blog

    Your readers tend to get a habit to receive newsletters every day, every week etc. You can provide the same consistent quality contents frequently. You users would know when new content is posted on your site.

    Educate your customers when they can expect new content on your blog. In a few weeks they will see new content at regular intervals. The same can be said about search engines.

  7. Ping your posts

    Make sure you ping your posts so search engines will come and index your content as fast as possible. Promote your blog with Ping.

In a Nutshell
One of the most important thing to keep traffic coming from search engines is to update your blog regularly. Post a new article at least twice a week if not more frequently.

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