8 Job Fields that Are Still Hiring During COVID-19

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Does it feel like the coronavirus pandemic has you scrambling to find work? No matter your education or skill levels, this list below could help you.

Plus, there is something here for everyone, and that includes you. Don’t let COVID-19 take away your right to land a good position.

Check out these eight types of job fields that are still hiring.

8 Job Fields that Are Still Hiring During COVID-19

  1. Grocery Store Work

    Despite the global crisis, you have still been able to secure your groceries. Those supermarkets might have a job for you. You can check out full-time and part-time work.

    Many grocery stores provide employees with benefits, too. On top of potential access to things like health insurance, you also usually get discounts when you shop there. You can make money and save at the same time.

  2. Food and Beverage Service

    The restaurant industry has been resilient during these unprecedented times, and hopefully, you have been able to at least order some delivery and/or take out. Have you ever thought about working in a restaurant? You will develop numerous new skills. Don’t rule out your chances to work your way up to a management role, either.

  3. Retail

    Although some bix box stores like J.Crew, JCPenney, and Neiman Marcus have recently filed for bankruptcy, this industry still has opportunities for you. These companies also offer you flexible schedules and a guaranteed hourly wage. You typically can choose to participate in employee benefit programs, and you often are eligible for bonuses.

  4. Healthcare

    The healthcare field has been short on labor even more during the coronavirus crisis, and you might be able to snag a job in this field. You aren’t always required to have healthcare experience or knowledge. Think about any administrative, cafeteria, maintenance, or security work that could be available.

  5. Construction

    You could look into the construction field for any open positions. Consider opportunities related to real estate and possibly locate work helping a contractor or developer. Be sure to check out government jobs, too. You also can find local construction jobs that route.

  6. Nonprofits

    The rise of COVID-19 didn’t force nonprofits to shut their doors to underserved communities. In fact, many nonprofits in or near your community increased their services for the public. There are entry-level and executive positions for which you might qualify. Many nonprofits also actually help people like you find work. If you’re disabled, for example, they could equip you with valuable tools in your search for disability jobs.

  7. Information Technology

    You should look into the information technology (IT) field, too. Even during these unusual times, you and the rest of the world must be able to stay connected. IT is integrated into almost every aspect of your life. But this doesn’t mean you must have IT expertise. You could potentially work in customer service, HR, IT sales, or marketing.

  8. Temp Work

    A dream job is your goal, but this doesn’t mean temp agencies won’t have some incredible opportunities for you. Plus, many times temp jobs turn into even better gigs for you with the same company where you temped. This could even be a way to step out of your comfort zone to give something new a shot. You can locate temp work online, and you also could stop by local temp staffing companies to check out jobs and apply in person. Temp agencies offer you numerous job fields and various work schedules.

Don’t Give Up

Use these tips above to increase your chances of getting a job. Best wishes as you move forward and don’t give up. Know that your efforts eventually will pay off.

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