8 Ways to Modernize Your Home in Terms of Architecture and Design

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There are numerous ways to modernize your home but altering its design features and adding architectural elements is by far the best option.

From hanging charming window boxes to lanterns in the backyard, there are at least 8 ways to keep your home up to date in terms of architecture and design.

8 Ways to Modernize Your Home in Terms of Architecture and Design

  1. Hanging window boxes

    The window area is an essential part of your home’s façade. However, simply washing the window panes regularly won’t cut it, as you should hang boxes underneath the sill. If there are boxes now, take them down, refurbish them, and then return them into place.

    Once the window boxes go (back) on, the entire façade will attain a seamless look. This way, window boxes become an architectural feature that you’ve spend only a couple of dollars on. In the end, you just have to pick the right plants, such as petunias or geraniums.

  2. An arbor over the gate

    Speaking of plants, erecting an arbor over the gate is the perfect entryway into your property. The charming arbor can be adorned with fragrant plants, such as roses or vines.

    In order for your arbor to truly shine (quite literally) insert LED lights inside it for a touch of magic after dark.

    If you find it hard to upkeep the arbor and its lush foliage, there are always artificial wreaths you use to decorate the bower.

  3. Sprucing up the driveway

    The driveway in front of your home is a tricky architectural feature. Namely, if there is nothing wrong with it, no one will notice it, especially if it’s made from asphalt. However, if there are cracks, missing pavers, or weeds growing along the curb, then it’s a real eyesore.

    To prevent these problems, the driveway should be spruced up from time to time. Weed out any growth on the driveway and pressure-wash it in summer to clean the muck caught in-between the pavers. In terms of exterior design, you can always change the surface from concrete to stone, for example.

  4. Consider roofing options

    Just like the driveway, the roof can be constructed using several materials. However, slate roofing is most suitable for modern homes as it’s long-lasting and durable. A typical slate roof can last up to 75 years.

    Moreover, it’s easy to secure slate roofing services as there are many roofers out there who install and repair slate roofs. They will tell you that the material’s distinctive features add value to your home, both aesthetically and financially.

  5. Dormer windows are cheaper than dormers

    It would be great if you could add a dormer or two on top of the garage or the kitchen but this house extension is costly. Luckily, there is an architectural trick that is far more affordable: dormer windows. They let natural light inside the attic that you can partition and convert into everything from a nursery to a guestroom.

  6. Low fences and gates

    If you live in a safe neighborhood, then there is no need to erect tall fences. Instead, use low stone walls of wooden fences. The opening of these low fences should feature iron gates straight out of the 1800s.

    Once you combine this low masonry with a bit of landscaping (a lawn or a flower garden), the backyard will have a sense of depth and it will catch everyone’s eye.

  7. Hang a lantern

    Finally, hanging lanterns is a great way to add depth and definition to an otherwise flat façade. Gas lanterns (although there are electrical lookalikes) have a rural feel to them, as they were traditionally found on farmhouses. This is ideal if you live in a suburb of a large city and wish to architecturally approach a more countryside décor.

  8. Erecting a portico over the front door

    A design feature from Antiquity, the portico is still used in modern structures, including houses and state buildings. Covering the entrance to your house adds a bit of opulence to the whole place, as well as protection against the weather.

    With a portico outside, your guests won’t get wet waiting for you to open the door. Porticos topped with a small pediment are perfect for colonial-style homes, often found in suburbs in the West.

The definition of “modern” in contemporary architecture often involves reviving centuries-old designs. From a portico to fragrant window boxes, there are at least 8 ways you can update your home so it’s in line with contemporary trends in architecture.

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