9 Tips For Shopping Identity Theft Services

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If your presence online has been compromised and you are the victim of identity theft, the following tips provide you with practical information on how to reduce the potential to become victim and resolve identity theft problems.

Even if your identity is intact, read through the article to give you some sense of what to look for in a service in case you become a victim of identity theft.

9 Tips For Shopping Identity Theft Services

The holiday season is long over but you might still be planning to shop online.

For the crooks, every time is the best time of the year to steal your identity.

On this blog, you will find many articles for how to prevent identity theft.

Many companies sell services that promise to “protect your identity” 100% but these claims are exaggerated and misleading.

It’s not easy to tell from their websites and advertising exactly how these services work, how much they cost, or what protection or assistance they really offer.

Consumer Federation of America advises to follow the following nine tips to watch out for when you begin to look for these kinds of services.

In any case, before you finally select a service, always read reviews of the service.

    If the answer is Yes to these two questions, steer clear!

  1. Does the claim on the identity theft service’s websites or in its advertisements make you think that the service will completely protect you against identity theft?

  2. Does the identity theft service use scare tactics to try to get you to enroll?

  3. If the answer is No to the following questions, steer clear!

  4. Does the identity theft service make basic information about the company easy to find on its websites?

  5. If the service offers to monitor your personal information and alert you if someone may be fraudulently using it, is it clear what it monitors?

  6. Does the identity theft service make clear how monitoring or other features of its program actually help you?

  7. If the service offers to help identity theft victims, is it clear exactly what help it provides and who is eligible for it?

  8. Is the cost of the service provided before you are asked for your payment information?

  9. Does the service have a clear, transparent privacy policy?

  10. If the identity theft service offers insurance or a guarantee, is it clear what is covered and who is eligible?

In a Nutshell
Follow the above guidelines for shopping identity theft services. Read reviews and dig deeper before you select a service.

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