A Consumer’s Guide to Choose Smartphones by Features, Brand, and Carrier

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Maybe you are helping someone to purchase their first phone, or it’s time to upgrade your smartphone.

With various options available, selecting a mobile phone can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know the kind of phone you want.

Even with single carriers or brands, there is always a shortage of choices.

A Consumer’s Guide to Choose Smartphones by Features, Brand, and Carrier

  • Figure out the feature you want

    Begin drafting the long list of the essential features you want your phone to have. There are various aspects that you need to consider when purchasing a new phone. Do you want the phone to have a big screen? Are you looking for a long battery life phone? Are you searching for a phone with a high-resolution camera? Probably you are frequently travelling, and you may require a dual Sim phone.

  • Select the operating system

    Currently, there are two operating systems for smartphones that you can consider. These are iOS and Android. Both operating systems are easy to use, and they support a wide range of mobile apps and games. You can switch from iPhone to Android or Android to iPhone. To avoid some challenges, it’s best if you stick to whatever the platform you have been using.

    Android phones provide a wide choice of devices at varying prices, more customisation options and Google’s excellent suite of services and inbuilt apps. If you have been using Google Docs, Google Maps, Google Assistant, Gmail, then the Android operating system phones may be the best choice for you though you can get the highest versions of such tools from the app store.

    On the other hand, iOS provides more uniform and secure operations. The App Store quality and the top quality of its apps are a bit better than those of Android. If you previously used an iPad or MacBook, using an iPhone such as iPhone 11, it’s going to make sense for you. You’ll also get an enormous choice of apps and accessories for iPhone something that you can be limited to Android.

  • Check specs

    Choosing the right phone for you, it’s always a tough decision, and you can’t trust the attendants at phone stores to know what they are talking about or control you in the right direction. It is recommended that you shop around, walk around and get hands-on experiences with various smartphones before purchasing one. If you know less about the smartphone specs, you can choose to bring a family member or friend who knows smartphones better.

    There are a few things that you should look for:

    A Consumer’s Guide to Choose Smartphones by Features, Brand, and Carrier 2

    • screen: you will spend a lot of time glazing at the screen of your smartphone, therefore, ensures that you get the right one for you that has a higher resolution. It is recommended that you purchase a phone with a minimum of full HD or perhaps 2160 X 1080 pixels if the modern smartphone has a current 19:9 aspect ratio. A phone that has a resolution of 1080p and above can be sharp enough.

    • Design: If you need a Smartphone that you can use with one hand, then ensure that you pick it up and try if it can fit. Most mobile phones have glass in front and back that makes them prone to smudges and fragile. Also, you will need to check if the fingerprint sensor position will suit you. Bright design for you should you look and feel good.

    • Performance: The performance of your potential smartphone will be determined by two factors: the phone processor and the ram. It is recommended that you look for at least 4GB RAM for Android models. This will not apply to Apple phones because they deal with their memory management differently, and they don’t need as much RAM.

      The processor of your phone is one of the considerations and somehow better in terms of both speeds and their power efficiency. The iPhone chipset tends to perform better than the other chipsets in the competition. For Android phones, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 is currently the best.

    • Camera: The camera in smartphones has dramatically improved over the years. A good camera is just more than having a higher megapixel count. You can check the smartphone’s camera by testing the phone out yourself of which you should, but also you can rely on the information in the reviews.

    • Durability: If you purchase a glass phone and you’re prone to dropping it, ensure that you purchase a protective case. You can also get a water-resistant phone.

    • Storage: The current smartphones generally come with enough inbuilt storage. Suppose you purchase a 16 GB smartphone which already has used up 10GB out of the box, you can run out of space alarmingly fast. Therefore, it is wise to purchase up to its minimum 32GB internal storage but getting a 64GB seems better.

      However, much of this will depend on how you use your smartphone. You will require a lot of space to load your MP3 collection or videos. Getting a micro SD card slot will enable you to expand your storage space relatively cheaper. However, Apple phones do not provide space for micro SD card slots.

    • Battery life: Getting a smartphone with a removable battery is rare nowadays. Ensure that you check on the reviews to get a phone with long battery life. Besides, the mAh rating will offer you some indication of the battery the capacity, but also remember that it is also impacted with the screen size software and screen resolution, therefore, will need to look beyond the number.

  • Choose a wireless carrier

    It is crucial to get a carrier that offers better coverage in your location so that you get a strong signal. It is vital that you do some research about signal coverage areas and the carriers.

It is also essential not to forget to negotiate a better deal every once in a while. If you get a better plan at the same cost elsewhere, but you don’t need to leave your current dealer you can call them to discuss it.

Request to speak with the retention department since they have the authority to give you discounts and other instant incentives to stay.

When the specs you wanted are available, and the price is matching it is a great way to get all those features you need at a price that you can afford.

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