A New Way to Grow Your Wealth

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  • Know about the Investment Market

    From owning a premium car to building a beautiful home, we start our financial journey by dreaming of all these stuffs. Our every dream is connected to our wealth and because of some financial crunch sometimes we lose these dream and we start regretting our decisions.

    Growth of Money is a slow process. There is a species of Bamboo Tree in the part of China, the tree take 4 long years to grow only one feet but on its 5th year it grows more than 40 feet. This shows that an absolute growth of anything needs hell lot of time.

    Investing your money is as same as this bamboo tree. You may never calculate your actual wealth initially but as you know patience is the key for dreams. While investing our money we should always consider the length of investment period.

    Market is a place where you can buy anything to grow your wealth if you have money but do you think buying anything is a wise plan?

  • Let’s talk about what is market and how it behaves?

    Market is a place where we can invest our money according to our plan. Our plan must be a goal oriented one. First we have to see what is our desire means how much profit we need to fulfill our goal. Equity market is a complex and risky one but for a young investor it has been always advised to do Long Term Investment in equity market. Market is full of opportunities we just need to find ours.

  • Mutual funds vs. Life Insurance

    70% people of thinks Life Insurance is an investment. Think how an insurance company can help you in growing your wealth. Insurance Company offers some attractive plans and features and snatches our attention from real investment market. Insurance companies were introduced to insure people, to insure our lives but it wasn’t running well then they introduced investment policy with insurance. So making money from insurance investment is useless.

    We should buy a TERM PLAN instead of investment plans from Life Insurance Company. TERM PLANS are highly cheaper with respect to other plans. You can be insured your life with Rs. 1 Crore by paying just Rs. 9500/- annually by buying term plan. And invest your precious money in some growth funds or stock market instead of Life Insurance.

  • Stock Market

    Stock Market is a universe of money and management. It is impossible to understand it all at once. Let’s talk about some of its features. Stock Market is a place where you can buy shares of any listed company from NSE/BSE to grow your wealth. Purchasing of shares sometimes gives incredible returns.

  • Let’s take an example of MRF TYRES

    The price of one share in 2007 was 7000 on an average and today it is trading on more than 70,000. Can you imagine the growth? We will discuss stock market in some other post. Market is waiting for you to come and grow. Let’s not waste our money in shit and start investing wisely.

In the next topic we will talk about some top performing funds where you can make money easily.

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