Welcome! I am most honored to serve you today. My blog is about personal finance – credit, credit cards, debt, insurance, technology, and career. First off, I like to thank you for your interest to explore further who is behind this blog. Let me introduce myself a little.


My name is Shafi and I am the owner and presently the author of this blog. Other authors are more than welcome to write articles on the topic of personal finances. To know more about me, read my professional history.


  • What is this blog about?

    I started this blog when the nation’s economy was in recession, the worst since the Great Depression. We are deep in this together. Everyone is affected, from financially rich to financially poor. Some experts tell us the economy is still in recession.

    I love to help others get success in their personal finances as I continue to improve myself! I learn everything I possibly can so I can then share it with you.

    I started this blog in July of 2010 with the domain name doablefinance.com. My intention has been to help folks who are heavily in debt – whether of their own creation or because of this lousy economy – to try to be debt free and to put their financial house in order.

    Almost everyday, a post is published about personal finances on this blog which, as you know, encompasses a variety of topics. The author(s) will publish a post in simple, understandable and step-by-step fashion.

  • Mission

    Doable Finance dot Com mission is to provide quality information and resources about personal finance to a geographically dispersed audience via the Internet. Doable Finance dot Com publishes articles covering a range of topics in the various subjects of personal finance.

    Over time, the articles will cover both basic and advanced topics, and include frameworks and theories that are useful for solving the more challenging problems of personal finance that most of us face.

  • How can this blog help you?

    We all have some experiences of learning almost everyday. Some we have lived through, while some we have learned from others. What I am sharing with you on these pages is what I research and learn in real life.

    You will learn, as I will, about personal finances, credit, debit, debt, mortgage, insurance, shopping, income taxes, and a lot more. The main emphasis is two fold: Live within your means and be debt free.

    I take a very direct and blunt approach and tell it the way it is. That means I stay away from telling stories.

    This blog is dedicated to helping you learn to live within your means and be debt free. Sometimes I use some harsh words, like for example, schmuck. But there are schmucks out there and I have warned folks in my various posts to be aware of them.

  • Beware the schmucks of the world

    One big example is Bernie Madoff. He is a schmuck and you know why he is a schmuck. I tell you why he is a schmuck. He has proved himself to be a schmuck and besides he, himself, has said so many times “I am a schmuck and I am a schmuck of the worst kind.”

    Sometimes you know a schmuck when you see one. Unfortunately, in Madoff’s case, we just didn’t see him as a schmuck until it was too late.

  • How the blog is organized?

    In WordPress jargon, a blog may be divided into categories. I call them communities. You would find the usual personal finance communities as well as those for blogging and careers. Some communities are further divided into sub-communities.

    The links for the communities are given on the menu right below the blog image. After you enter a community, you would see links to sub-communities for the ones that are available.

    You can display all the Archived posts here. They are organized in a more customized fashion.

  • Financial Disclaimer

    This blog is designed to educate individuals about their personal finances in the form of suggestions. The author(s) try to provide accurate and authoritative information on the subject, after a thorough research in different categories.

    The information is provided with the understanding that the author(s) do not provide legal, accounting, or other professional services by providing this blog.

    The author(s) shall not be liable for any loss of profit or any other commercial damages, including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential or other damages.

    Figures and facts on this blog may have unintentional errors. Any investment has a potential to go down in value. Sometimes investments can have huge losses.

    As each individual situation is unique, questions relevant to personal finances and specific to the individual should be addressed to an appropriate professional to ensure that the situation has been carefully and appropriately evaluated. Only you are responsible for your decisions and consequences thereafter.

    Doable Finance blog is for general Information only, and is provided for educational and inspirational purposes. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Please talk to Your Financial Adviser.

In a Nutshell
Information contained herein is general in nature, and is provided for informational and educational purposes only. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Talk to your financial adviser.