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Virgin Money Has Closed Shop in the U.S., Victim of Bad Timing. None of the links to Virgin Money USA works.

Richard Branson, the guy who owns Virgin “everything”, has taken over peer-to-peer lending service called Circle Lending and has re-branded it Virgin Money USA. It helps people access affordable and flexible credit, offering unique financial services and a customer experience, its website claims, that most banks cannot match.

Virgin’s US investment firm recently bought a majority stake in the Waltham, Massachusetts company, which acts as an online middleman for friends and families who want to lend each other money.

Virgin Money USA differs from other online lending services. It is a person to person lending service that allows you to structure formal loans with people you know. Through person to person lending, you skip the bank and borrow from an individual or group of individuals.

You do not actually get a loan from Virgin Money. Instead, you find a lender on your own and use Virgin Money as a service provider. Generally you would ask your friends, family, and contacts to lend you money – then Virgin Money steps in as an intermediary.

Through Virgin Money USA, you can get:

  • Real Estate loan
  • Student loan
  • Business loan
  • Personal loan

Download the free PDF file A Guide To Personal Loans by Virgin Money USA.

Before you borrow money through Richard or someone else, I have the below two posts. Read them, will you please?

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