Accommodation For Business Travellers: 6 Important Things to Look For

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Now that the global pandemic is, fortunately, slowing down and the world of business is gradually going back to its traditional day-to-day routines, the old problems we had yet to find a proper solution for are going back on the menu.

For instance, we all remember that annoying pursuit for acceptable and affordable quarters in between flights and meetings.

This seemingly simple task is made a thousand times more difficult by the fact that you are very restricted by other obligations and have to perform the search on the go.

Let’s see if we can make this chore if only a bit easier and help your next business trip go as smoothly as possible.

Accommodation For Business Travellers: 7 Important Things to Look For

  1. Prioritize the location

    Time spent traveling is often time lost. Because of that, one of the easiest ways to save money on business travel is to find accommodation that will be situated in the vicinity of the places you have to visit. Of course, your time won’t be spent on meetings 24/7 so you also need to take into account things like food, entertainment, and why not, even tourist activities like sightseeing and getting to know the local culture. Therefore, your ideal stay should be located near the area where you will be doing your business activities but still have easy access to restaurants, parks, and different entertainment options.

  2. Make a short list of basic requirements

    Every businessperson has a short list of important items they should have on a business trip. You should think in similar terms when it comes to the accommodation. As a matter of fact, having a short list of basic demands can prove to be quite helpful when making quick inquiries with hotels, Airbnb, etc. What are these essential requirements we are talking about? Well, things like high-speed Wi-Fi, some productive corners to get the work done, amenities like laundry services and coffee machines, easy check-ins, and so on. All of them make life on the go much more convenient.

  3. Consider long-term rentals

    This option is especially lucrative if you are going to make a couple of short trips to the same location over an extended period. So, if you are frequently going to visit South East Asia, you can find top quality serviced apartments for rent in Hong Kong and make this city your regional base. The costs of long-term renting and short trips to neighboring countries will prove to be much lower than taking a plane and renting apartments for a day or two every time you need to have a meeting and spend a couple of days abroad. Put the numbers on a paper and you will see.

  4. Ask for a meeting site

    Most of the hotels today usually have conference rooms and office-like spaces. Check with the staff for the availability of these rooms and see if they are adequate for business meetings. If you plan on scheduling a meeting in the hotel restaurant, see if you can get more privacy during your business lunch or dinner. If the hotel is not equipped with a good meeting site or a restaurant, check for the nearest spaces that offer these options.

  5. Sufficient parking space

    If you are traveling by your car or if you are renting a vehicle to get around the city more easily, you should make sure the accommodation you have chosen has sufficient parking space for all the guests. Even if you are planning on getting to the hotel with a taxi or public transportation, you need to think about the people you might be meeting with while there. Your business partners shouldn’t have to spend hours looking for a parking place while coming to meet with you.

  6. Good reviews

    The hotel you are interested in might have the best web brochure ever – the photos can look amazing, the staff can be smiling on them, they may brag about high-speed Wi-Fi, and so on. However, you cannot trust everything that is written and portrayed on the official website of the accommodation. Instead, look for internet reviews and read them carefully. Also, ask your coworkers or people you know are traveling for business frequently. There is nothing better than a word-of-mouth recommendation from someone you trust.

Business travels can be a lot different from your regular tourist trips because your only goal isn’t to have a good time. It is to have a productive time. Hopefully, these seven tips will help make your next business adventure successful and fruitful.

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