Adding an Element of Sophistication to Your Home on a Budget

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Bringing together simple, inexpensive elements like fresh flowers, mixing textures and arranging favorite items in a visually appealing way achieves an upscale ambiance and adds an element of sophistication to your home, affordably. When decorating a space, it’s easy to get off track and focus on too many concerns at once.

Adding an Element of Sophistication to Your Home on a Budget

Keeping these 5 principles in mind while enhancing any space will add the sophistication you crave and keep you on budget.

  • Functional furniture arrangement

    Uniquely sophisticated home visualization principles found on demonstrate how functional furniture arrangement is both practical and refined.

    Starting with pieces that you already have and arranging them to be useful and aesthetically attractive will also allow you to see what needs to be added to a space to make it complete.

  • Details, details, details

    After furniture placement, comes the number one strategy for adding sophistication to any space. Focus on detail. Great accessories can be acquired with minimal expense, so the key here is to be purposeful and clutter-free.

    Sticking to only new items that will bring a touch of class to a space. Displaying already owned trays, photos or vases and adding fresh cut flowers that coordinate with the space’s color is a nice way of creating an expensive touch, with little cost.

  • Choose colors carefully

    The design principle of balance comes into play more than ever when selecting colors for a space. The key to sophistication is mixing textures and keeping pops of color anchored and as symmetrical as possible.

    The goal when it comes to color is keeping the look as polished as possible by creating purposeful interest and depth.

  • Don’t forget the windows

    Semi-custom window treatments that can be found online or at any department store to create cohesion and effectively make the room appear finished.

    Window textiles also contribute to visual layers and provide opportunity for texture.

  • Stay trendy

    Adding small, trendy touches to a design like cool lighting, a piece of statement furniture or anything black, is a quick ticket to sophistication.

    These items not only appear expensive, they communicate detail, which is the number one approach in adding an element of sophistication to your home on a budget.

Making planned, smart purchases is the most effective way of adding sophistication to your home within budget.

Being thoughtful about placement and purpose of furniture and accessories in addition to elevating a space with thoughtful touches like candles, pillows and mirrors is a design approach that communicates deliberate style.

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