Adrenaline Junkie: How to Prepare for Your First Motorcycle Purchase

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Whether you have your eye on a gorgeous Harley or you want a sleek racing bike, the allure of a motorcycle is undeniable. Not only is the thrill of riding exhilarating, bikes sip fuel and can be great for a low-cost commute.

With all that said, there are some preparations you want to have in place before you make your purchase.

Here are some financial aspects you’ll need to consider before you sign on the dotted line.

Adrenaline Junkie How to Prepare for Your First Motorcycle Purchase

  • The Price of Insurance

    If you’re rather young, you may be shocked to discover that insurance for your motorcycle can cost double or triple what you were paying to insure the sedan your grandmother gave you after graduation.

    Even older drivers can be surprised by high insurance, especially if they haven’t had a license or insurance provider for a long time.

    Call around and get a few quotes. Sometimes you can save money by bundling your bike insurance with your homeowner’s insurance and car insurance.

    You may also be able to save by buying a motorcycle with a less-powerful engine than the model you originally were considering.

  • The Cost of a Safety Course

    Attending a motorcycle safe-driving course can save you a portion of your insurance cost and is also simply a good idea.

    Whether you’ve been riding for decades, or just had your first lesson in the recent past, it always pays to sharpen your skills.

    You can also meet other bikers by attending a local class. Making friends and riding together is safer than riding solo, so don’t be afraid to mingle at break time.

    If you ever need to call a motorcycle accident lawyer in Austin, the fact you took a recent safety class also looks good in court.

  • Proper Anti-Theft Measures

    The safety of your bike when you’re not riding depends largely on your area and where you plan to park.

    In some places, you can leave your keys dangling from the ignition and no one will glance at your bike.

    In others, bikes with kill switches, alarms, and anti-theft chains are being lifted by thieves with engine hoists mounted on pickup trucks, never to be seen again.

    Before you buy, take a long look around your city or town and see how others are parking and storing their bikes. If you see a lot of alarms, chains, kill switches, and other after-market anti-theft devices, you need to consider these costs before you buy.

    This is especially important if you want a crotch rocket, as they are lighter and easier to steal than heavy touring bikes.

  • Off-Season Storage

    If you live where a bike can be parked under a few tarps in the side yard at your house, off-season storage may cost you nothing.

    If you need to rent garage space or a storage unit for your ride, you need to work the cost into your budget for the whole season.

    To get a good deal on storage, you may want to consider paying in a lump sum for a discount or, if the storage space is large enough, splitting space with another biker in the same situation.

  • Safety Gear Costs

    A quality helmet can set you back hundreds of dollars, as can just one set of leathers. Gloves, appropriate boots, and other protective gear will add up quickly.

    Set aside money in your budget to get yourself long-lasting, quality riding gear. If you ever hit the road, you’ll be glad you didn’t get the cheap gear.

Buying a motorcycle is an exciting time, but there are a lot of costs you may not have previously considered.

By going into the purchase financially prepared, you can enjoy your new ride without the stress of a maxed-out credit card or decimated savings hanging over your head.

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