Advance Your Career By Helping Others

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It sounds kind of strange to some folks, but the truth of the matter is helping others genuinely, wholeheartedly and selflessly will help you advance in your career.

If you’re busy doing your project and you have scheduled it very tightly because your boss wanted it yesterday, then your first priority is to finish it and then think about helping others.

How Can I Help You

However, it just so happens that many folks at all levels have time on their hand that they are able to help others especially the more inexperienced ones.

There are two major ways to accomplish that:

  1. If you are an extrovert…

    If you are an extrovert, you would be in a better position socially to know important people so they can help you climb up the corporate ladder whether you are good in your field or not.

    In that case, the next question comes to mind is whether you deserve that promotion.

    As an extrovert you have a choice to go the way I just described above by being a schmooze or work harder and smarter and along the way help others.

  2. If you are an introvert…

    As an introvert, I hate to say this, you probably have only one choice and that is to just work harder and smarter and along the way help others.

    Introverts are not natural net-workers and must begin networking organically, meaning by helping others.

    People would sooner or later start appreciating what you do for them because it wasn’t based on self-promotion and because it genuinely helped them.

    Helping others will help you in mingling with your juniors and colleagues and it will help bring you out of your cubicle and socialize a little.


Regardless, be a go-to person so people can come to you if they have problems you have demonstrated you could solve for them.

You will then be considered responsible for getting your peers up to speed on new techniques and methodologies. In effect you would be managing their work.

Regardless whether you are an introvert or extrovert, you need to help others when you have the time.

Helping others might catch on…

At times you might feel that colleagues are taking advantage of you, please don’t. It’s quite natural to feel that way.

Continue focus on helping others, your juniors or even your own level colleagues. In addition, you would get the satisfaction that you might not be able to get otherwise.

Hopefully your effort of helping others might develop into a network of folks who will also be willing to extend help in their own departments.

In a Nutshell
If you start by asking just one person if you could help and expand your “help” circle one person at a time, you would be appreciated not only by your peers but by your managers as well.

Hopefully, then, you would have gained the confidence of your peers and your managers and you would be on the way up on the corporate ladder.

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